With or Without - YOU ARE

You don't need thought to be.
You don't need thought to live...(the heart beats with or without thought)
YOU ARE with or without thought.

See how effortlessly life flows with thought....and how thought is not needed at all. Thoughts are companions which attempt to make sense of this "life"....but they are not essential to Being. 

Whatever appears, including thought, is simply Being...appearing as separate "things."  Yet thoughts seem to have so much power!  They seem to become "sticky" as they orbit around the concept of "me."  Indeed, we could describe the "me" as simply a bundle of swirling thoughts stuck together as an idea (a mini-tornado!), but with no solid substance at all.  

But if it is seen that thought is just another aspect of This, a vibration of Be-ing, like a rose or a button, then it might also be seen that thoughts are, in fact, not "sticky" at all.  They just appear. They float.  Then they disappear.... what is there (here) to stick to??  What power do they have?

Today a plant in my room got watered.  Thoughts came which said that the plant needed water...then more thoughts came that said that "I" would do it tomorrow, then more thoughts appeared, images, etc...and a back and forth conversation of sorts seemed to occur.  Then those thoughts disappeared, and later it was noticed that the body simply moved and watered the plant.  Right on time, no thought needed.  How simple it can be, when thought is left to BE as it is....  "Life" simply moves, and "thought" does not do it, and neither does the idea of "you." 

Ahhh....FREEDOM !!  ;-))


Eternal Sunshine

Rainstorms are not rejected by the sun...they come and go...all the while the sun is eternally shining...

Clouds are not judged as "wrong" or "right" by the sky....they come and go...all the while the sky eternally is...

Don't be fooled by what shows up...it cannot appear without YOU, already and always here...A cloud may seem to momentarily block the light of the sun, but without that light, could you even SEE the cloud?


Simply And Effortlessly You Are

That bird chirping outside the window...
The sound of the water gurgling in the radiator...
Muffled voices in the apartment upstairs..

Why are these happenings unimportant, overlooked, ignored?

Is it because they are not happening to "you?"  Because they do not impact "my life" and "me" directly?  

The swirling drama of "the me story" is the only event of interest?  And often, if the sounds are noticed, they occur to "me" and for "me."  But in fact, that birdsong IS YOU.  There simply appears an idea of separation...... and we could call that idea "me."

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.  The story of "me" is beautiful, interesting, divine (or not)...and also YOU.  It is not a mistake!  The "you" that is believed in is not wrong.  Identification seems to happen, that is all.  And when it does, there seems to be a sense of separation, of lack.   But it's not what you think.  It's not real in that there really is no separation.  Separation is an idea arising in non-separation.  It appears to be, and is not.  In the wholeness of THIS, we could say that there is neither separation nor non-separation.  No concept can survive WHAT YOU ARE.

"You" don't have to wait for separation to "fall away."  Right here, right now....what is here?  Does the concept of separation have any meaning right here and now?  Isn't there just This, reading or typing or sitting or silence, or all of the above?  Simply, effortlessly?  Isn't there complete unknowing and total okayness with what is, simply and effortlessly?  Is there anything needed?  Does anyone care or even exist to contemplate "separation," right here and now?

Now the birds are silent, and darkness falls....
Who or what notices this?


Who Am I?

Who am I?


Who am I?


Who am I?


There is no reaction, no response to this question.  There is no reference point for this question.  It has no meaning.  If there were a response, it might be: ?????  Because the question somehow makes no sense.  

What is a "who?"  
What is an "I?"
No response.
Just nothingness, empty space, being...

How did the question even arise?  Who or what asked it?  Does it have any meaning?  Here, now, this thought "who am I?" has the same "impact" as "curtain is half open."  It arises in silent presence and disappears in silent presence, without leaving a trace, without eliciting any response whatsoever...
No thought or idea can contain what you are.  What you are is indefinable and beyond all concepts.  See that the "keys" to "enlightenment" are also simply what arise....until they don't....perhaps they "serve their purpose" - another idea arising in THIS...

"Who am I?" is just as beautiful and perfect an appearance as making love, or diamonds or dirt....
It, too, is an expression of what cannot be known, that is all. 

Ideas about looking for the "I" are powerful expressions.  And what looks and where does it take place?  Can "you" look "inside?"  Is there an inside or outside of THIS?  If I told you to "look for the scarf," what would happen?  Would you scratch your head and say, "What??" Exactly!  And the same response might happen with "who am I," (the error message is: "does not compute!" ;-))  and there is simply peaceful silent aware-ing....

Don't worry if "who am I?" doesn't seem to "work" for "you."  There is no problem.  There is no one who can ask, and even so, asking does seem to happen!  Whatever arises, it is simply a reflection of the mystery that YOU are, one not better than another...whatever is here, now, is arising perfectly as what is.  If "who am I?" burns "you" up until there is nothing left, or if it has no meaning or "punch" at all - none of this matters to what you really are.  YOU don't need to see that there is no one. YOU ARE the seeing.  And does no one need to see that there is no one??