Open, empty spaciousness...
That is what I am
There is no end to my reach

Everything appears in what I am...
Embraced, allowed
Nothing is resisted
Nothing is rejected
All is allowed to be....as it is

There are no preferences
For this
or that experience
The preference is always for what is...

Strangely, there is experiencing
and the knowing of experiencing 
Whatever appears is known, by the knowing
Seen by the seeing...
This kaleidoscope of light waves
Is simply the expression of 
What I am

War, hate, love, peace
A sick body, a soft kiss...
There is no preference because
Like twinkling stars
"They" come and go
In me
What I am remains,
Completely untouched
Knowing that nothing is as it seems

A vibration of Being
Is simply that...
How to condemn what appears, then?

There is only Being


RB said...

I fell into nothing

after all

Mary said...

Wonderful !!


RB said...

Yes, Mary, it is...I am helpless and hopeless and in LOVE!

Thank you Mary for pointing to that force that doesn't quit, is unstopable, and will not be denied. That is totally disinterested of anything and everything but fully engaged. Life happening is life registered in awareness simultatneouly like an image one-on-one; unseperable, it can not be devided or peeled apart. The mind cannot touch it, define it, understand it, copy or emulate LIFE. It is ONE-ess unique and eternal, timeless. The appearance of duality is fully engaged in LIFE in ONE-ness. It's ALL the 'stuff' of LIFE, nothing more or nothing else can be: there is only 'this' everywhere and no where. In total free fall beautiful, exciting, and magnificent! Here control, resistance is non-existant. Nothing happens, only LIFE fully engaged in no-thing.

Mary said...

RB, you say it so beautifully! YES, YES, YES !
Thank you for sharing :-))


Chris said...

Hello Mary!

Just stumbled upon your blog today and I just wanted to tell you that i thoroughly love the way you express This!

I am relatively new to this whole thing and it's amazing how all this resonates here. There is still identification as a "seeker" and a separate person however, even though intellectually I could see that it is merely appearances in Oneness, but of course this has to be really seen.
May I ask some "newbie" questions?
It seems that once the illusion of a separate self and the "me" is seen through, every experience is seen as perfect as it is, and that nothing needs to be changed. All is accepted. But aren't there moments when the present moment is too difficult? I'm talking about people who suffer from physical violence for example or rape and people getting tortured (mentally and physically). Wouldn't there be a tendency to escape the Now into a better future in those cases?? I do realize that there is much identification with thought which create suffering and that this does not need to be the case most of the time, but those moments that I have described seem different.

Sorry for the dreariness of the post! I promise to be more positive in my future posts :-)

Mary said...

Hi Chris,
Thank you for commenting! I'm glad that you visited the site. There are several ways to answer your question, but let's just see what comes out ;-))

It's not that "all is perfect and nothing needs to be changed." It's more like, all is perfect because nothing can be changed....in this now. What is, is. Can you change it? Change seems to happen as now stretches into infinity....moving, changing evolving. So, in the examples that you gave, there can arise so many responses: denial, resistance, sadness, compassion, action, etc. Whatever seems to be happening and whatever arises "in response" to what is happening is part of the dream, part of the vibration of Oneness. So, action to "change" or "protect" or "fight back" might happen - in fact, anything can happen. In the ultimate scheme of things, nothing is happening at all, but that doesn't stop the appearances from appearing, does it? And it doesn't stop reactions, change, and compassion from appearing either. So, expressing a concept like "all is well" simply points to what is, including what is presently arising in/as consciousness. There simply is an acceptance of the unfolding now...seen as SELF...with all that comes and goes inside of It.
In the here-now of suffering or discomfort, there may arise a great urge to change what is, and that is also what is....and then the "next" now moment is also what is....and on and on....and is there ever anything but what is....now? All of it is appearing in YOU...

Who is the one who wants things to be different?


André said...

Hi, Mary.

Reading your reply to Chris I really felt like I was back in that coffe shop or in that garden listening to you talking to me.

I loved so much being in your presence. Right now I'm in Santa Cruz and I've already been with John Wheeler twice. He's great as great can be, but now that I'm with him I appreciate even more the time you spent with me.

You are indeed a great teacher! I'm deeply grateful for the energy and effort invested when you were with me.

I love you very much.

Chris said...


hello Mary!

Thank you so much for your prompt response! I can sort of see what you mean here. I need to sit with this for a short while.

I am definitely coming back here real soon as I love your blog! Something resonates here, it's strange. And it's all I can think about these days!

André, I envy you! Being able to meet all these wonderful people who have seen this! Mary and John Wheeler! I wish there were someone here in Montreal I could speak to one on one!

if any one has a contact here for me it would be much appreciated! Thank "God" for the internet!

Au plaisir!


Mary said...

Dear André,
Thank you for your kind and loving words. I am so glad that you have the opportunity to see John Wheeler...he is so direct and clear in his pointing! And you also know that neither one of us is a teacher ;-)) You are already freedom itself. But I do thank you so much for your sentiments, they touch my heart.

I love you, too - "we" are simply the one SELF, loving to be what we are!


Mary said...

Dear Chris,
Yes, sit with the resonance, the Beingness, if you can. All that is happening is Oneness seeing Itself! ;-)) Loving-to-be! Words are just little squiggly reminders of what already IS.

Much love,
P.S. No one is the Beigness any more than you....it appears that "some people" know this, but in fact, it is simply pure knowing, no person is there to know or teach anything. There is a resonance with this knowing presence because it is YOU! Feel free to email me (on the link in my profile) if you feel moved to - "I" am YOU speaking to YOU, that's all. ;-))

Chris said...

Thank you Mary for your reply!

Yes it seems that "resonances" are happening more frequently as of late. It's like "I" finally am really getting what I have been reading for all these months. Actually I thought I understood some points but it was only understood intellectually and not deep within if you know what I mean.

I also understand, at least intellectually that there is no one who is more "enlightened" than anyone but I still have the feeling that it would be great to just sit with a "someone" who has really seen this, but I guess it cannot be in Montreal for some reason.

So I may just take you up on your offer Mary. Thank you so much!