Bottom Line

There is nothing to "get" here.
No one "has it" "knows it" or "teaches it."  
There is no difference between
The "guru" and the "seeker"...
There is no difference.

Both are appearances in Beingness..
Neither is more "enlightened" than the other
No one is enlightened.
Both are wondrous expressions of the Oneness
All that ever happens (seemingly) is a sharing,
an expressing of what is...and that includes a "seeker"
with questions!
If there is no appearance of a "seeker," is there an
appearance of a "teacher?"  
In the dream, doesn't one depend on the other?

The apparent one with the questions is a gift
The apparent one with the answers (ha!) is a gift
Everything is a gift...from YOU to YOU, as YOU
It all changes nothing
It's a lovely story, that's all!

Am I saying that apparent helping doesn't happen?
That what we call compassion doesn't arise?
Not at all...they do seemingly happen, and isn't it beautiful?
But there is no one doing it.  It's just what appears to happen...until it doesn't..

There is no one who knows This (this cannot be known by a "person")
There is no one who teaches This  (how to teach "someone" to be what they are?)
There is no one who shares This  (it arises in the Oneness like everything else)
There is no one who isn't This, now, now and always now
There simply is no one - no one separate from what is.
There is only THIS.  ONLY THIS.

What appears to be happening is a play, a dream, a story...it's divine and it's not necessary or unnecessary - it's just what is!
YOU are always YOU and nothing needs to be done about it.
There arises a belief or thought that something needs to be different,
some realization needs to occur,
But Realization IS ALREADY THE CASE. There is only Freedom, Liberation, Enlightenment (call it what you will, words cannot describe).
If you say, "Yeah, but I don't feel that, I don't know it." - THAT is also a divine expression of Being!  And it means nothing about what you are. That "belief" appears in YOU...YOU must already be present to even notice a thought or feeling. To even notice I AM!  That "ground of being" is what you ARE...and thoughts like "I don't get it" are simply appearances allowed and embraced like raindrops or table legs.  

Thoughts cannot describe what you are - including the ones on this site ;-))

Blogs and gurus and questions and frustration and seeking and confusion and identification and awakening and liberation may seem to happen....but make no mistake: It's all just THIS, YOU, Being...as It is...nothing wrong or right about it.
You ARE everything 

You already are IT, right here, right now.
Nothing "you" have done or can do has ever touched or changed this fact.  And "Liberation," if it seemingly happens in the story, won't change a thing either! What you are is beyond any concept of change or changelessness - it's beyond everything and yet, it IS everything - which is nothing!  (so if that hasn't blown the "mind" then nothing will ;-)))

These words point to something (which is no-thing) but they are just another expression of the Oneness...I would say a blade of grass reflects Being one hundred percent better than what is written here. 
Words just arise and then they don't - spontaneous Is-ing! 
Bottom line: "Everything" is expressing the same thing in a myriad of ways: 
"I AM!"
What more needs to be known?



Open, empty spaciousness...
That is what I am
There is no end to my reach

Everything appears in what I am...
Embraced, allowed
Nothing is resisted
Nothing is rejected
All is allowed to be....as it is

There are no preferences
For this
or that experience
The preference is always for what is...

Strangely, there is experiencing
and the knowing of experiencing 
Whatever appears is known, by the knowing
Seen by the seeing...
This kaleidoscope of light waves
Is simply the expression of 
What I am

War, hate, love, peace
A sick body, a soft kiss...
There is no preference because
Like twinkling stars
"They" come and go
In me
What I am remains,
Completely untouched
Knowing that nothing is as it seems

A vibration of Being
Is simply that...
How to condemn what appears, then?

There is only Being