"Ain't No Mountain High Enough.."

No need to climb Arunachala,
Or sit in meditation for hours a day..

No need for advanced asanas, kriyas and the mind-blowing kundalini rising..

No need for spiritual purification at all.

Nothing causes "enlightenment." There is no magic action that will "make it happen," because it is simply already the case, right here, right now.

Liberation IS. It IS, right now. And "everyone" is That.

Now, I know that there are many lovely stories of sages and gurus on mountains and "ordinary" spiritual seekers "getting it" using self-inquiry, and all the wonderful experiences I mentioned above. It's fantastic and amazing!

But none of it "causes" anything...

What you are, what I am....is simply This, right here...whatever that is. How to even describe it? Impossible and yet the stories keep comin'...

It's all so okay and lovely and crazy-making and sometimes frustratingly hopeless. What to do? There is nothing to do but be.

Notice that that is all that is ever happening. I say, "notice," but "you" can't even do that! Noticing happens....sometimes, it seems...but SEEING....hmmm, that is always happening...if we can even call it a "happening."

Sometimes language shines a bright light, and sometimes it just confuses...what to do? Listening, reading seem to happen...maybe even resonance..it's all part of the mystery play..there is no way to know what will appear next.

And yet, the stories are enjoyed, really participated in. Tears fall, anger erupts, joy and peace always present, sometimes as an undercurrent, sometimes expressed in the play... It's all so...WHAT IS....and there is something sweet about that, no matter what appears to be happening, no matter if something unpleasant seems to be happening.

If you are moved to climb that famous mountain or visit with that wonderful "teacher," - that's fantastic! It's exactly what IS at that moment. It may even seem to lead somewhere - wonderful - go for it! (as if you had a choice ;-))

Have no expectations, enjoy the experience of seeking, if that is what is happening...and then, perhaps, enjoy the experience of not seeking anymore....and see how the climbing of that mountain might still happen, in the pure joy of being, with no one doing it..

Nothing brings you to YOU, except in the story. In reality you can only be, utterly, wholly, always THIS.


Beyond Failure

There is no way that "you" are not THIS, here and now.

It is impossible for you to be anything else. Whatever thought tells you you are, is not what you are. You are simply the ALL, the Oneness, Being, Isness...

There is no possibility of anything else, there simply IS nothing else. Let every concept of WHAT IS fall away in the immediacy of this here-now....what is present?
Don't try to define it, just notice the allowing, the open receiving-loving-emptiness of what you are. The words are not accurate or important, experience-ing IS, and that is all.

No option to fail. Being cannot be failed! What you ARE always IS and all that is seen is only THAT, nothing else, nothing in addition to, or less than.

Just THIS. Call it Liberation, Enlightenment, Awareness, whatever you want - what you call it doesn't change the unchanging reality.

You are done, you are already "cooked." No effort is needed to BE. YOU are complete wholeness, love, compassion, silence, peace....and SO beyond what those words might mean to a "mind."

Celebrate, you are LIFE loving-to-be! And any story that arises arguing with that is another lovely appearance in this Life that you are...

As Rumi wrote: "Be melting snow....Wash yourself of yourself." Deep in those words lies the ecstasy of Being....perhaps.

Let Them Be Like Flowers

Let thoughts be, like flowers..

Let them come and go, let them arise as they do,
and subside as they inevitably do...

They are no more important than a cloud, or a curtain or an ant, or a blade of grass. We don't attach to clouds, we don't say, "Oh my god, how can that cloud be like that!?" We don't believe that clouds are dictating what happens and creating "our reality" (well, some of us might!).

Thoughts can be quite useful, but notice how much importance and belief goes into them, resulting in elaborate stories about "me."

Notice, too, that when action is called for, it happens, with or without thought, before or after thought. We don't have to remember and grasp at thoughts....just let them be, like the blade of grass.

They really are no more and no less important than anything else that appears...Notice how you ARE regardless of what thoughts are passing through...Notice how thought sometimes corresponds to action and sometimes not at all.

Notice that when thoughts aren't believed, they still arise! Notice how they don't evoke feelings....or maybe they seem to do just that, it doesn't matter at all: thoughts arise, feelings arise, clouds appear....nothing touches the clarity and open spaciousness of what YOU ARE.

And yet, everything that appears is none other than what YOU ARE....so, no reason to fight or judge or believe....just Being, that's all there is and it doesn't need to believe or not believe in thoughts, or anything else..

And if belief in thought happens, no worries! See right now that that also arises in YOU.

Next time (which can only be now) a thought believed in causes suffering...see that a belief is happening but it's not who you are...it's happening in YOU as YOU. There simply is no problem, it does not change the reality of what YOU ARE.

How sweet it all is. Thought or no thought....just let them be, like flowers. Whatever arises is exactly what needs to appear - now.




There is no one here.
Now, now, now
It is seen...there is simply THIS.

There is no possibility
of something separate from THIS.

A thought appears?
A feeling?
A sensation, a color, a smell, a "me,"
a "you," a rock, concept, emotion, lake,
bug, ocean, wind -

whatever whatever whatever whatever appears ....


Nowhere to turn
No way to separate

Onlythis onlythis onlythis onlythis onlythis...

No way to escape
Nowhere to hide
Totally here
Nothing else





Raindrop, Sunshine

Look up
at that leaf, how it sways
in the wind

The leaf flutters, until
it stops
It can be no other way

Look up
at the sun
how it warms and blinds

The sun doesn't love you,
and it doesn't not love you
It simply is,

Raindrops fall and they
can do nothing else but
make you wet

Storms arise and destroy
what you love, but
storms are not wrong, they
simply are what they are, their
nature is to be stormy ! - not soft,
like a rose petal

Look at the people around you
Are some stormy
and some soft, too?

Their nature is what it is, now,
"they" have no more choice than
the perfume emanating
from the rose petal, or
the destructive stormy skies

All must appear as it does

And of course, "soft" and
"destructive" tell us
nothing about nothing

Look in the mirror
The you that appears
is a fluttering leaf

Sometimes the leaf is
blown off the branch,
total free-fall

All is appearing, perfectly
being nothing


The raindrop is not separate from
the Absolute, nor
the Absolute from the raindrop

Who could possibly want
the raindrop to be



There are no answers.
There are no answers here,
and this is very
good news..

Be open, unknowing
like a child,
Know nothing, nothing..
just be

Watch the unfolding of this Mystery
with naked eyes,
Don't even try to decipher the illogical,
THIS is not logical!

It is complete not-knowingness..


without fear..

Love twisting around to see Itself,
to taste Itself,
to play and enjoy


Don't ask questions: be still, wait, watch,


The whispers are always here,
Silence speaks in no-sound,
and in noise..

Not-knowing anything,


There exists no-thing more captivating,
more interesting,
more irresistible

than YOU.

THIS is It!
Here, as you are,
right now

B-a-n-g !

The end of searching,
the beginning
of what always IS..

No answer, no knowledge
can even come close.
Come to This
without hope,
without expectation,
with nothing,
naked, bare.

Die to unknowingness, then
have a good laugh..

Die to unknowingness, and

be lived.


Perfect Satisfaction

Unable to make a simple wish,
Unable to pray for..
Unable to want what isn't,
Unable to desire..

This is not a loss.

What could possibly be wanted, that isn't already here, now?
What could be better than, or even different from, This?
Isn't there endless change in the changeless, anyway?
Can there be anything other than what is, here, now?

Perfect satisfaction is what I AM.

Perfectly Being...
what is.

No one to want something else.


Exquisite Isness

The more the veils of ignorance fall away,
the less I know...

And of course, "veils of ignorance falling away" and "someone knowing" are just more thoughts
which are untrue.. vibrations of Beingness.

This is an unknowing which is so very okay...
Being doesn't need to be known, it IS..

We could say that it is beyond unknowing or knowing,
THIS is beyond all concepts - there simply is no way
to describe what is....and that is also
very okay..

This is (here come the concepts again! ;-)) fresh, here, now and unpredictable...
It's so okay, so natural, so effortless...

I wish I could convey how ... words fail... the "suchness" of Being is so exquisite in its... isness.

So, quiet now.


Unfolding Naturally

life is

the I AM seems to flow, unfolding
spontaneously appearing
a kaleidoscope of Beingness

there is no efforting, no striving, no trying
to be
being requires nothing

is anything going anywhere?
there is nowhere that is not here
there is nothing that is not this

what we are is effortlessness
the steady ground of being
in which, from which
all springs forth

and what is that?

no answer
the question dissolves in the seeing

maybe a smile is enough of an answer,
maybe just this, nothingness
unfolding naturally as everythingness
is all there is

any answer dissolves in the seeing
the seeing has no need

just delight in unknowing,
just loving-to-be
just this


You Are Not Lost

Nothing can bring you closer to This,
Nothing can move you away...
The one who wants to find liberation doesn't exist.

You cannot turn in any direction and find anything other than THIS, which is YOU.
Like the sea 100 ft. deep, where is the "separate drop" of water which goes its own way?

No guru can give This to you, no "teacher" can take It away...
Understanding seemingly happens in YOU, as YOU.
And if there appears to be no understanding, YOU still ARE.

You can't tie yourself up in knots trying to "get" This, who is doing it?
If an intense urge arises to investigate, then that's what IS, now - who can stop it?
If a total collapse and sense of helplessness arise, then that is what IS, now...are "you" doing it?

If there is truly no one, then no one can cause anything,
Or stop what is, inevitable.

You cannot become lost, you ARE NOT LOST.
"Lostness" is an idea twinkling like a star - here, gone, here, gone, here, gone...
Just like the "me" in daylight and then in deep, dreamless sleep..

A belief in a "me" doesn't affect YOU at all.
Identification is as ephemeral as that fat fluffy cloud in the sky....try to grab it, what happens?
Ultimate Reality doesn't need understanding or recognition or liberation...it already IS.
And that is more than enough..

What am I?

There is no answer, and no desire for one.


The Best Pointer Is Silence

There are no teachers of Advaita, neither on this blog nor anywhere else.

What is, cannot be taught, known, or understood. There is no one to know This. There is no one who knows Beingness better than another.

What seems to be happening is a sharing, an expressing....some expressions seem to resonate....or not....but it's all happening in the dream of Oneness....in reality, nothing is happening at all.

Words fall so short! How to express Beingness? Well, just look around....everything is Beingness. And "everything" is really nothing. It might be called energy, vibration, presence...or "suchness." These words may get close to describing what is....but they can never quite do it, can they?

Spontaneous "is-ing".... expressions arise....there is no purpose, they simply appear as something which is really nothing.... no one to teach, no one to learn or "get" This.... it is already "gotten" because YOU ARE This.

The "me" that seems to be appearing does not know that, and never will.

The drop of water 100 ft. deep is thirsty. In reality it is drowning in Itself.


Effortless Being

Breathe in....
Breathe out....

That's all that is ever asked of us..
And not even that.

Notice how the benevolence that we are breathes the body, moves the body, allowing all thoughts, feelings and sensations to arise and fall away...

Notice how all of it is actually open space, swirling, vibrating in silence...

Is there anything to do? Is there anything to be?? Aren't we being lived, as Life itself....?

Effortless being - that is what we are. A soft breeze caressing a cheek...a wild storm whipping the waves... Let whatever comes, come...This is deep, safe, spontaneous Isness. No need to understand it, just being is all that is asked...

And not even that..

How loved must "we" be...?


"Enlightenment" Will Give You Nothing

What will enlightenment, advaita, non-duality, freedom, liberation, or seeing give you?
Absolutely nothing.

There is no gain whatsoever. How can you have more of yourself, if you are everything and nothing?

In the story of me, the "me" thinks it will gain something....like peace or freedom, etc. But if liberation is the seeing that there is no one, then who will benefit? If everything seen, imagined and experienced is YOU, what could be desired?

In the story, anything can happen. More peace, more conflict, less conflict, less peace....it matters not one bit because what you are is already complete, whole and fully THIS. We might say that WHAT IS expresses "isness," freely, in joy and in peace - and what that looks like is "everything." Oneness doesn't "give" anything to anyone, that is not possible.

So, "enlightenment" is not something new, it's simply what you are....and then if there arises the sensation and belief in a separate person with free will, so what? What could that possibly mean to YOU, the unfathomable Beingness that illuminates all? Just because there seems to be someone there, that doesn't mean there is....

And if in the story the "me" seems to drop away, has anything really changed? Are YOU any different than "before?" Sure, the story of "me" will change, that is the nature of appearances, with or without the story of "Liberation."

"But I don't know this," you might say. Oh really? What will knowing this give you that you don't already have? Who needs to know that YOU ARE? Do you want eternal peace-love-freedom-aliveness forever and ever?

Well, you can't have it because you already ARE IT. Now what? Notice how the story of me is never satisfied, the never-ending loop of "I want, I want, I want...." There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, it's beautiful....it just doesn't affect what you are, that's all. Getting what "you" want doesn't change anything about YOU.

Right here and right now, what is desired and what is given?

"Enlightenment will stop my suffering," is another statement we might make. Do you need to "get enlightened" to see right now, here, that you are not suffering? Not at all, right? It's all here, present, alive in every h-e-r-e-n-o-w.... no suffering.

This is it. This is YOU. Pure Grace.

Is that enough? ;-))


I cannot get out of this ocean
because the ocean is me

what drowns is an echo
of something that never swam..


in the deep ocean of me,
there is only ocean-ness


You Are Not a Feeling

What This is, is full-on Being.
No divisions, separations, witnessing, or causing.
Full-on Being.
Everything everywhere is YOU. Wherever you turn, there YOU are.

A kaleidoscopic window appears before "your eyes," somewhere in the vicinity of "your head."
In this window appear all kinds of images..
Sensations are experienced and some "objects," like "your body," are rather consistent experiences, while some objects may quickly flit into perception and disappear..

What is separate from what? "Your body" is simply a collection of sensations which constantly change..."Your head," where is it? Can it be verified at all, aside from sensations? Are "you" aware of "your head" at all times, or only when there is an ache or an itch, etc.? Heads come and go, but do YOU?

We look for a feeling of oneness with everything we see, to "prove" that there is only One. We want to know that we are Beingness. We want to feel totally connected to whatever is appearing, and if that feeling doesn't arise, we assume that there must be separation. But who said that a "feeling" is proof of anything? Either of oneness or separation? What we call a feeling is just that: another sensation arising in YOU, as YOU. Does it define the totality of what YOU are?

Skip the feelings and go right to the crux: can "you" know anything at all? Anything? The answer is no, and that puts the brakes on all speculation about oneness or separation, and what is left is simply This. "Trying to know Oneness" is another "happening" in YOU.

Oneness is THIS, right here and now, feeling or no feeling, sensation or no sensation, images or no images. Whatever is appearing is YOU, Be-ing. We can call this Oneness, separation, or Joe - words are just YOU, labeling YOU!

This is it. Full stop! There is no escape and no possibility of something separate, anywhere, anyhow.



The question of suffering in the world is often grappled with when reading the messages of non-duality. The "mind" doesn't understand how everything can be Love, when there appears so much turmoil, stress and pain happening.

Right here, right now, though, there is no suffering anywhere. Anything we can point to is a thought, image, projection or memory arising in Being. Can we prove that there is suffering in the world? Notice how suffering can only happen to a "me" or "them"....it can't be here, now. It can only be in memory or projection.

In the dream, there appears to be movement to alleviate suffering, and movement to cause suffering. The "ones" who move to cause suffering, aren't they really just trying to alleviate suffering - their own? Isn't this a story of Love searching for Love, and all the bumbling attempts to find it?

And in the appearing of pain or sadness, for example, what is at the core of them? What is the foundation? If there is no resistance, isn't there a wellspring of Love at the core? Acceptance, peace? In deep sadness, isn't there something exquisitely beautiful, when simply allowed to be?

What "you" see out in the "world" is a picture show, complete with sensations, feelings, ideas, etc. - in short, experienc-ing. Everything is labeled as right/wrong, good/bad, pain/pleasure. Without these labels, what is happening? What is labeled "suffering," isn't that just the story of "me" with another thing labeled "pain" and "resistance" added?

The bottom line is that here, now, there is no suffering, ever. In the nothingness of what is - a void so pulsing with tender benevolence that it brings tears to these eyes - everything is allowed to appear, everything....all is embraced, celebrated even.
Seen through the eyes of "me," this will not make sense. But experienced in this here-now, there is no need for it to make sense. There is no one who needs to understand, there is just THIS, loving-to-be. All labels fall apart, in the mystery of THIS.

So, if "you" feel the pain of the world on your shoulders, notice that it might in reality be something else, something deeply soft and tender, be-ing - which is what you really are. And notice how the body moves, or doesn't....how the character participates fully in the dream...how Love seems to care for itself, or doesn't, without needing any care at all...


Nothing But You

If what I AM is the source of absolutely everything,
what could I possibly want?

Beingness delights in what is...
what will be, or what was, has no meaning,
except in the weaving of a story..

The dream of past and future is beautiful (or not),
but nothing trumps what is,
because even the dream is only ever here, now,
appearing in what I AM.

There is no escape from what I AM,
the dream character is not able to detach from anything..
Oneness cannot separate into pieces.
There is only This, appearing as it does,
and there is no separation, anywhere.

Show me something that is not YOU,
and I'll show you how Love dreams..

There Is No Other

We think that the "other" is having a different experience than we are.  We assume that they experience their own "I AM," and that it is emanating "over there," while ours is "here."

But see that the "other" is simply another appearance to what we are.  An appearance to This, here.  We could say that "they" don't exist as separate from us, because they only exist as a perception in "here," and the perceiving is what we are.  "We" experience "them" as having their own experiences, but that is just an idea which arises during the experiencing of "ourselves and them!"  ;-))  All of it is Oneness being Oneness.

Anything that seems to be "other" than "you" is an experience that YOU are having of YOURSELF.  Therefore, there is no "I AM" over "there."  There is no "over there," and no "other."  There is just THIS, here, which includes experiencing the "me" and the "other." If we touch something, there is a sensation, a shape is seen, a smell, a sound is heard, etc. But in direct experience, we cannot say that anything exists apart from THIS, right here, because everything that appears, appears to, in, and as THIS.

There is no distance between any seeming "thing" and the perceiving/experiencing of it, which is YOU.  It's all YOU: every sensation, thought, sight, object, color, feeling.  See how experienc-ing is all that is "happening."  

It's kind of crazy!  So many thoughts and assumptions that simply melt in this direct experience.  A table is only how it appears to YOU.  Without YOU to experience it, does it exist?  Same for another "person!"  

There is only one I AM, not different I AMs arising from different "entities."  One I AM.  One Beingness, Oneness.  The simplicity of this truth is stunning.  The complexity of the dream is amazing.
Note: This post was inspired by a video I saw of Rupert Spira.  His mention of "zero distance" really resonated here.  For those who like videos, I recommend his on  http://www.stillnessspeaks.com/.  I haven't seen them all, but I've really enjoyed the ones I've seen.


A Meditation

A little "story" which spontaneously arose this morning.  Sitting with the questions, observing the dance of back/forth, this/that....all the while, deep silence, deep joy, loving to be whatever arises..

And now some questions for you:

1) What are you afraid of?

Without "traveling" into a past or a future, are you afraid of anything?

2) What do you desire?

In the here-now, without "dreaming," do you desire anything?  

3) Are you going to die?

Notice what thoughts and ideas appear with this question.... if any.  Does the question even make sense?

4) Can you know anything?

Ahh...this one is so ripe with freedom, it just might burst into a sweet nectar!  ;-))

It seems like these questions use the mind to stop the mind...but isn't that also just another story?  Whatever arises is spontaneous, fresh and alive - now.  In this aliveness, is any explanation or purpose needed?



What is written about here is not something "special" or
difficult to attain.  
It's the most natural thing there is, the only thing there is..
And it's already "attained."

And it's not a thing.
It's an is-ing, or be-ing..
There is nothing else "happening."
What is, is perfectly itself, always.

What appears, in This, as This
Is not a mistake.
The idea of separation is just that: an idea.
What we call judgements of good and bad arise,
Seeming discrete objects, people, emotions arise...
None of them is a mistake.

The play of separation can be so beautiful!!

It's simply that it's not real.
What is real is this one Beingness, impossible to escape from.
There is nothing to strive for, nothing to attain..
We already ARE This, naturally,
Without one ounce of effort,
And this is what is pointed to.

If "identification" rises up, so what?
It's natural! (until it's not) It comes and goes (even every night at sleep time!)
If "awakening" arises, great!
And so what?
Does it change what always IS?

There is no way, no matter what seems to be happening, that YOU cannot BE WHAT YOU ARE.
It's done.
Always the case, always here and now,



Identification seems to dissolve...

But see that NOW, there is no identification..
..so what dissolves? And when?

Lovely Stories

Whatever happens, happens in the story only.
"Suffering" or "awakening" are experiences/appearances that arise in YOU.

The "I" wants the story to change.
The "I" wants a different experience.
But it is the "I" itself which is an experience arising in what YOU really are.

YOU don't change, your appearance does.

So enlightenment is already the case. Nothing will happen, but this cannot be imagined by the "I" character.
The story may change significantly, or not, but isn't change the constant in the story whether seeking for Oneness appears or not?

The re-cognition of your true nature appears as an "event" in the story.  It doesn't have to "happen" for you to be what YOU already are.  The "I" wants to know this, to know the unknowable, but YOU don't need anything to appear or not appear in the story.  YOU are already complete, whole, love-ing.

In reality, there is always knowing and no suffering - now.


The Way

No words can describe what we are
And yet, Love seems to reach out (and in)
To experience its Beingness..

So tender, so sweet
Even the tears refresh 
And cleanse
What needs no cleansing..

Nothing is needed
And what is
Can only be This,
Right here, right now..

Somehow it's just right this way
The only way,
The way which cannot be circumvented,
The way that moves the "you" and the "me"..

And who's feet can avoid this path ?

And who can say that This, in any form, should not be ?


A Bunch of Ideas Running Around

It seems sometimes that there are those who "know" something and point to Beingness, and those who are "trying to understand."  What is the difference between the ones who "point" and the ones who "seek?"  

Nothing, nothing, nothing.  There are no knowers and no seekers.  What comes out of "this" mouth is simply arising in THIS and what comes out of "that" mouth is another thing arising in THIS!  There seems to be meaning in what is happening, but there isn't.  It's just BEING, be-ing.

And yet, there still appears this play of appearances.  Let's have a look.

Imagine a meeting where the "one" who knows is sitting at the front of the room and the "seekers" are gathered all around.  Questions are asked and answered, there may be a feeling of energy around, and generally just a good time!  

It is often said that the difference between the one who knows and seekers is that there is "no one there" at the front of the room.  Words simply arise and seem to come through that body.  As for the "seekers," it is said that there is a belief in a separate person happening.  But who is it that believes in the separate person?  Is there actually anyone believing?

Right-here-right-now, is there a separate anyone present?  In direct experience, has there ever been a separate person?  If a "yes" is arising, I ask you: where does your body end and space begin?

Where do "you" end and space begin?

See that in direct experience, there simply is THIS.  Right-here-right-now, there never is a separate person.

An idea arises and it seems to connect with other ideas and before you know it voilĂ ! there is a seeming person believing in personhood! But see right now how this is false.  Imagine a bunch of ideas running around believing in themselves ;-)) Can ideas believe in anything?? 

See that the pointing and the seeking are just this wacky play of vibrations and that without "seekers" there can be no "knowers" and that this play is simply Beingness loving-to-be!

There is absolutely nothing to get.  Seeking and investigating and eating and sitting and yoga and chocolate chip cookies - it's all THIS, all YOU, all supremely okay....more than okay, it's I AMness...

So, if there seems to be a separate person "there," notice (let's see if noticing happens) that, "oh, here's another idea arising in THIS, isn't that interesting?"  It's impossible to get away from THIS, YOU.  Everything that arises is simply YOUness, appearing as something distinct and separate. 

So there is no one to believe.  If that is true, then what is left? What is ever-present here now here now here now, if there is no one to know or not know or believe or seek??


Does that bring a smile to the face?  It does here ;-))


Nothing Else to Be

It's all been said before
We are all repeating ourselves, 
And yet
Words keep coming...
Expressions arise..

THIS cannot be described because how can something which IS itself,  look at itself as an object in order to describe what it sees?

And how can THIS, which in fact is not an object, be described, except by an object which is outside of it, observing it?


There is no way out of THIS...everywhere "you" turn,  you will find YOU.  

Every seeming mind movement away from right here, THIS, is doomed. Doomed!  THERE IS NOTHING ELSE -THIS IS IT.

End, stop, fin, finito, ende...

Any, any, any thought that arises - now - arises in THIS that you ARE....no way around it,  no way out of it, no way into it, no way, no way, no way, no other way. 

There may be a complete collapse here....of what?  A belief in a thought...
Is there ever a belief in a thought - here and now?  Is there any other "time?" 

Only THIS.  Nowhere else to go.  Nothing else to be.


Along For the Ride

We're told that there is nothing to do about Enlightenment, Liberation, Awakening, etc.
We're told that there is no one to do anything about it, 
because there is no one separate from what is.

Sometimes it is suggested that as long as there is a belief that there is a separate person here, we might as well look for that person
in order to really see once and for all that there is no one...

All of this is valid communication, but it all eventually comes back to this:
Who is going to do or not do anything?
You can be told all day to look, look, look for the separate person, but will it happen? No guarantee.  
You can be told that all there is is THIS, but will there be understanding?  In fact, none of us understands THIS - it's total free-fall!  There is no understanding, there is just Being...the minute we think we know something, we're playing in the story of "me." (and there is nothing wrong with that at all)

In the story, anything can happen.  Looking can happen, resonance, Liberation that strikes like a lightning bolt, a gradual falling away of the "me."  But it's all story and not significant.  It's like the myriad colors of flowers, each one unique in appearance, but in essence the same thing.  

What happens in the story is not what THIS is about.  THIS is what the story happens in.  And that is what we are.  So "you" cannot choose to do nothing, to surrender or to investigate the "I."  These things will happen or they won't.  Let's watch!  The river is constantly moving toward the ocean, it doesn't "choose" to, it's just the way, Life Itself.  

Life Itself is appearing as a story of "you."  The story goes on (seemingly, nothing is really happening), all the while what is searched for already IS.  How could it be any other way?  All the beliefs that go with the story are part of the play of Beingness and just because there is a belief in separation and convincing appearances doesn't make it true.  Nothing is true.  There is only THIS, only YOU.  The little "you" is along for the ride - a dream character, delighted in!

 "You" will continue to search until "you" don't.  But there is nothing to worry about because you cannot fail to BE WHAT YOU ARE, which is the ALL, the One, Beingness itself!  There is only success!  IT IS DONE.

And the story goes on.... until ???    ;-))


Know Nothing And Be

The mystery of what we are is not about knowledge...
We know nothing, and we cannot know "This."
We think someone knows something and passes on this knowledge,
But it's really about not-knowing anything:
an undoing, 
               a falling into the mystery.
The next step is unknown...who steps without feet?*
The next breath is not a certainty...who is doing breathing?
Words, if they come, are non-existent until spoken...
But what is heard?

The play of Life is exquisitely perfect.
What "we" want is so irrelevant!
What IS cannot help but rejoice in be-ing..
There is nothing else.

So, we can relax.  
In fact, we are already the very essence of relaxation.
"Getting" it or knowing something is not necessary at all.
All is well, as it is. 
What we are is beyond knowledge and understanding,
and we can't help but BE it,
always now,
now, and 

No thought, feeling, belief, or sensation can annihilate this truth.

* "This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment.  First, to let go of life.  Finally, to take a step without feet." - Rumi


What Does God Look Like?

The search for enlightenment arises in Enlightenment..
The search for liberation appears in Liberation..
The desire for love arises in Love..
The seeking for peace happens in Peace..

The separate "you" appears in YOU.

It's all a dream, which doesn't mean that nothing is real..
Everything is real, because everything is THAT,
But everything is not what it appears to be.

Choices seem to happen, but there is no chooser.
Deeds are done, but there is no doer.
Love is expressed, but there is no lover.
Someone seems to see his own absence, but it is not he who sees...

So while it seems that "we" are guiding our "lives," it is 
Life itself, Aliveness, which is expressing, and we are simply
the way this expression appears.  Have you ever wondered
what God looks like?  Well, now you know!  ;-))

Everything is Being, loving-to-be, and this is what you are.
Whatever arises, it cannot appear without, and can never be separate from YOU.


The Dream

and light play
on the immovable rock 
of Being...

The dream:

No-thing welcomes everything..

There is no separation.


You're Not Going Anywhere

we don't need to think about this,
we only need to be BE this...

and not even that

being IS...
always happening
not happening like an "action," but be-ing..

no effort at all
so simple

the "me" that sits down to think about it all is also a thought, a story.
the story seems to be "going somewhere," but is it really?  
are YOU going anywhere?

in the midst of all the swirling thoughts and sensations, 
what simply IS....present?

that's it


An Idea

An idea imagined feet and walked for many miles
in wind and rain and mud,
sometimes sheltered by 
grand shady trees,
sometimes caressed by 
sunlight and
the perfume of fresh blossoms...

It kept going, a hot fire pushing imagined feet
further and further..

Until no-time shouted, "This is IT!" 

And the idea
walked right off a cliff 
into a vast landscape of 
imagined nothingness,
the ground of which was total free-fall, 
the lack of someone
the truth of no one
just this..

Nothing is necessary.