Practical Advaita - A Story

Last night I was out with a friend.  We had a fantastic dinner and a long, long conversation.  At one point, we were talking about a personal situation (of "mine") and she was telling me that she felt sad for me, because she felt that I needed to change this certain situation.  All I could say was that I saw no problem, even though intellectually, of course I could see her point.  In fact, just months ago, I had "felt" from time to time exactly as she did now.  

I found myself agreeing with everything she said, at the same time expressing that my experience was peace around this situation.  She didn't believe me, kept asking if I was being honest with her.  I could understand why!  :-))  But I assured her that I was.  
And the funny thing was that I wanted her to convince me of the "wrongness" of the situation, I was trying hard to find that place of judgement, fear, worry, and dissatisfaction inside.

Couldn't do it.  

The more she grilled me, asking deep, confrontational questions (I wanted her to, she was not being unkind at all), the more peace I felt.  In short, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find a problem.  I could see clearly how it appeared to others, and how it had often appeared to me!  But, no dice.  I couldn't get there - to that place of "this is not good, I need to do something."  There just wasn't any belief in the thoughts that were arising, even though they were seen clearly, understood, accepted.

After a while, my friend commented that if I was at peace with the situation, I would never get out of it.  In other words, it takes suffering to make change.  
Well, that may be true.....sometimes.....but who knows?  In that moment there was no need for anything to change, and yet, there was a complete openness to change, too.  No resistance to what was being expressed, no defending "myself." No need even for understanding. Nothing stuck, everything passed through well-being.  

Changing the situation seemed a funny proposition, because not only did I feel no need whatsoever to do so, I knew that there was no one who could.  The situation will change exactly when/if it is supposed to, without any effect whatsoever on what I am.

Of course, none of this happened to "me."  And now, it's only a story of a past....did anything really happen besides peace and well-being?  Is anything ever happening besides That?


Nothing Wrong

There is nothing wrong with the ALL, nothing wrong with This...nothing wrong with the dream.  It's all so divinely, perfectly, WHAT IS.
All that seems to happen is really just the vibrating, shining Isness appearing as a kaleidoscope of colors, forms and energetic movements...a delicious feast of self-love-ing, a delighting in what is..
The complete allowing of THIS...is what we are.
Nothing is necessary, and yet, nothing is denied....all IS and what we are is beyond any concept of need or necessity.


Let's Call It Love

There is nothing happening
Only Being,
Which is Love,

There is nothing else
Just This
Nothing appearing as
Which is only Nothing again..

No way around,
Or out..
Whatever is
What I am

And not even that,
And not even now..

Let's call it Love


No One Sees This

There are no special people who get "This," while you don't. There are no enlightened people.  No one knows any more than you do.  There is no one who embodies this Realization better than you do, or has something that you don't.

There simply is no one.  There is only This.

You are told to see this right now, but you can't!  Because the "you" who is trying to see doesn't exist.  The seeing happens, when there is no one left to look.  When is this "when?"  NOW.  There will never be another time to see.  Are "you" going to decide to see This?  Nope.  Seeing happens.  It is always happening.

What you are IS what is happening.  Now....and now.....and now.

Sometimes it's pointed out that there is an "Isness" (for want of a better word) "is-ing" which is the backround or foundation for everything which arises in It.  It's a useful pointer because what we see arising in It seems to be a lot of separate things: people, ideas, nature, thoughts, buildings, feelings, etc.  But actually these appearances are not separate from the "Is-ing" - they are It as well.  Nothing can be separate from This.  Can you be separate from what you are?

"But," one might say, "the appearances are always changing, and what I am does not."  Okay.  The appearances appear to be changing, but are they?  There is only now.  So, how can one say that something has changed without referencing a "time" in the past?  Right now, can there be any change?  There is only what is. When seen by a "someone," appearances seem real, separate, and changing.  But when seen by no one, what are they? Aren't they just This? 

Aren't they just YOU, Is-ing?  

This is It.  What YOU are.  What I am. What is.  Isn't it simple and amazing?  (not simple and amazing to "me," just simple and amazing as two "words" which are also It!  ;-)))  Nowhere to hide!




Is there anything, anything at all....right here, now....which can be pointed to with finger or imagination....that is not YOU?


The Secret

Shhhhhh.....the secret is not that we can manifest whatever we want, it's that we are everything we want...

Notice right now the completeness of This...how still, peaceful and yet vibratingly alive It is. This Beingness is the indescribable presence which hosts everything seen and unseen....welcomes all, resists nothing. What could possibly disturb? What could possibly be believed here?

Aliveness without borders, without any definition whatsoever. It cannot be known, and no one cares that it's not known. There is no fight here, even a "no!" is a resounding YES in disguise, for no reason....just This....an embrace which excludes nothing, which is not personal or special at all.

In fact....

Who would want it to be?



Grace is here, now. Grace is here for you. It IS you. Always present. No need to look for it. Everything you could possibly want is here, now.

Let it sink in.....This is It....all that you have searched for...all you've ever needed or wanted. The search is over, forever. Isn't it wonderful? Sure, problems will likely come,(who knows?) challenges, too, but YOU won't mind....Some say that God or Oneness (or whatever name you like) doesn't care, but This is not some cold indifference. God or Oneness (YOU!) just doesn't see anything wrong.

All the while "you" thought that "you" were suffering, there was only This, here. There was never anything but Grace. There never was a "you" to suffer, so what happened? Isn't it just a memory now? And what is that? Isn't that just an energetic movement in ..... YOU?

Where is the Enlightenment, the Liberation, the Shining Awareness that everyone is talking about? It's here, now. It's all YOU. So close that it's impossible to see. You can only BE it. You've always been it.

There is no separate "you" to do anything about any of this....nowhere to turn, where YOU are not...complete, peaceful joy, wanting nothing, delighting in everything....this is the Full Stop. This is Grace. Always here.