This Has No Exit

What is here, right now?

What is here, present, aware....just now and now and now....fresh....here....?

Is it possible to get out of this here-now?  Is there any way to escape This, right here?

Is there anywhere to turn where THIS is not?  

Is there anything that is not THIS?  Whatever is appearing, it's appearing in what? As what?  

What is here?

Is there an exit from right here, right now?  Can there be anything apart, separate, or away from This, here?  Isn't everything/nothing just always THIS?  Is there a way out?

You are THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS --  there is absolutely no exit.

THIS is as it is.....always.....now.....THIS can be no other way!  

THIS..... burns up all concepts of personhood, control, struggle, suffering, free will....the ensuing blaze explodes the heart of the one who believed in the "me," the one who never existed, except in the dream of LOVE, loving-to-be...

THIS is IT.  There is nothing else.  Nothing better.  No exit, ever.


André said...

Aha! This reminds something, uh? Remings me of a nice conversation over a delicious apple pie and hot chocolate!

No exit... It's not so good when you're claustrophobic.=)

I'll book my ticket to Santa Cruz in a few days! I must confess I'm excited!=) I guess I'm still looking for a way out!=P

Much Love.

Mary said...

HI André,
Yes, this should sound familiar! :-)) Best wishes for your trip to Santa Cruz....if you find an exit, let me know!


RB said...

John Wheeler will say of 'looking for a way out' is chasing your tail: IMPOSSIBLE! Here and only here, the dream is played out HERE! Is it a mystery, yes to the mind. The mind loves mysteries. But God is revealed in every space between these words, in every rustle of the wind through the trees, the dog licking your face, the fly in the room, your beating heart; in every pulse of life in all it's varied forms seen and unseen: BEING AWARENESS IN THE VAST SILENCE OF NO-THING IS WATCHING. You are that!

John, Mary are but extensions, appearances in the play of life....such grace and beauty manifested in the all pervasive LOVE-ness. God is all in all; LOVE is all in all. The begining and the end; the ALPHA AND THE OMEGA. No secret or mystery here. Rest in the knowing that you are resting in everlasting arms of love. Liberation is....HERE!

Mary said...

YES! Liberation IS! Now now now now.... Thank you for sharing, RB - so beautifully expressed!