Nothing Satisfies

Often, we seem to be looking
in thought
we're looking for something, for confirmation,
for answers

But there are no answers in thought
each one seems to say, "This is the truth, this is what is happening."
and then the next one might say the opposite
and what we are is beyond both

We see that no thought is true
we see that they cannot solve the mystery of what we are..
Even in the appearance, the play of Oneness, does thinking about a "problem" really reveal the "solution?"  Or does the "solution" just happen spontaneously without any need for a deep dive into thought?

We seem to look to thought for reassurance, security, entertainment...
in a word, satisfaction.
What "we" really want to see and experience is the Truth
which is what we already and always are

In a moment of no-time, it is seen that thought cannot tell us anything about what we are....that what is apparently searched for will not be found there...

How liberating!

When there is no more looking to thought, what is left is this free-fall into Being, as Being
complete unknowingness
no answers!  
just what is
no control!
and no need for any
no solutions!
and no problems

What is left is nothing  ** no-thing**  and only no-thing satisfies.

Like the old saying goes:  "I" can't get no satisfaction!!"
"Nothing satisfies like.....YOU."  ;-))  (okay, a bit of editing there!)


Ben said...

I would love to leave some pithy comment Mary, however, pithiness escapes me. So, how about I loved this post! I love the pointers to Free falling. It feels like space pouring into space. It is rest relaxing and suddenly an emergence and then rest again like waves rising and falling. Hey, surprise! Not too bad.

Presence Bowing,

Mary said...

"Space pouring into space" - I love it! Thanks for commenting, Ben.