Sometimes we say to look for the separate "me," in order to see that it doesn't exist...

But there is no one there to "look."  And therefore no "me" there to see that the "me" doesn't exist!  Perhaps we should use the word "notice" instead, because "looking" sometimes implies a search for something....or nothing.

When looking, it seems the "person" wants to find something....there is nothing there, however.  Or the person wants to find nothing - in the form of a "state" of peace, bliss, emptiness, etc.  But again, as we know, just because there arises a belief in a "me" doesn't mean there is someone here who can look! 

This doesn't stop the story of pointers, looking, etc.  It's all wonderful! And unnecessary!  And sometimes (in no time) it is noticed that there is no separate "me," and spaciousness and freedom are just here...

You cannot seek what you ALREADY ARE.  How can you separate from yourself?  Is it really possible?  This beautiful crazy dream of a world sure looks like an attempt to do just that, but in actuality, is there ever any separation at all?  

Are "you" looking to see that there is no "you?"   Or is it simply seen that there is no one, by no one?

Whatever is happening is perfect....reading these words might seem to elicit a seeing, or frustration or nothing at all....but words cannot "cause" anything...neither can apparent "teachers"....

Nothing causes seeing.  It is.


Ash said...

oh yes!

all stories are good... or not.. ;)


thank you Mary for such beautiful expressions of Love!

Mary said...

Thank YOU, Ash, for visiting and for your kind comments!


André said...

Apparent teachers cannot cause anything... That throws a lot of stuff overboard. So much seeking, by whom? So many teachings, by no one.

Is it just a matter of waiting for It to happen? Well, by whom?!

Thank you for your beauty-fullness. I'm making up words just for you. The gratitude is deep.


Mary said...

Thank you André,
I love your made-up word ;-)) Yes, "It" will never happen...because "It" is already what you are - isn't this great news!!

Much love,

Ben said...

To ask who is looking is used as a technique to stop the mind to notice that we are already seeing, I am told. I am so dense, I didn't get it because the mind starts off again or it doesn't. In the meantime, back at the ranch, looking continued.

And even more so the looking continued in something that contained it. A link you might enjoy Mary that is what I would call poetic prose of what you write http://greatfreedom.org/thebasicstate.html


Mary said...

Thank you, Ben, for the link and for visiting the site!