Whatever seems to be happening....it is innocent...This moment, whatever appears, see how it is welcomed, loved, seen....just as it is.

There is nothing wrong with what is appearing now.  There is a spacious presence registering, experiencing....with total acceptance.  

This happens, that happens, it's someone's fault, it shouldn't be, etc....sound familiar?  And yet.  What is, is... period.  Whatever seems to be happening is what is - for this moment - until the next "happening." Each moment brings a new delight....will anything be the same even one nanosecond from now?  Then why do we resist?  Why do we seem to reject what appears?  Haven't we noticed that rejection of something has absolutely no power to change what is appearing?  Why aren't "things" allowed to be as they are?  Who is it that judges what is as good or bad, wanted or unwanted? 

Maybe we can look with new eyes (or no "I's" !) and notice the suchness of This, here, now...its complete innocence.  An appearance can only appear as it is!  The cockroach or the orchid blossom - how could either one be any different?  See how perfectly they are what they are.  And if there is a reaction of recoiling from either one, well, that is also the suchness of This..  This is an invitation to see what is real, and how truly innocent we are.  Everything is being what it is...everything is Be-ing.  Can That be any other way, ever?

It's all Love, loving to be....in any form, any thought, any sensation.  All is accepted, even non-acceptance.  The invisible arms of Being, outstretched and endlessly welcoming. 



John Astin said...

Beautiful Mary - and what's so amazing is that this mystery of awakeness that accepts without conditions, what appears, is none other than which appears, the emptiness (the lover) none other than the form (the beloved)... the space and everything that appears and disappears within it, not two. As this recognition dawns, there is as you say, simply love, resting in and as every experience...

in gratitude,

Mary said...

You express it so beautifully, John - Thank you for sharing!