In a moment of no time...
a deep sweetness arises,
call it gratitude,
maybe wonder...

A welling of tears and heat
a deep tenderness arising

The story....
this dream world...
this Mystery, this Everything
is so beautiful...

And I can't explain why
it is simply what is here
no one to feel it  

This here-now is so much sweeter than a someone..
and yet, 
it is precisely the story of a someone,
seen as precious and loved, 
which accompanies this explosion of all-embracing softness..


Peter said...

So grateful,
there is no wall
between hearts.

So joyfull,
now all
is being seen

Mary said...

Grateful for you, Peter....thank you.


Maury said...

I am not in much of a state to write, as words just don't do justice to what is, or define what is, but your writing on this, is about as good as it gets.

Mary said...

Hi Maury,
Thank you for your very kind comment, and for visiting...