Only YOU

You don't have to open....you are openness
You don't have to let go....you are deep release
You don't have to love....you are love
You don't have to become....you are 

You don't have to lose the "me"....it never existed
There is only YOU
Rest in the sweetness that is named compassion
Only YOU
Neither poetic words nor beautiful concepts can describe what YOU are
They are not true
Nothing is true
Just YOU
What is needed?

This Has No Exit

What is here, right now?

What is here, present, aware....just now and now and now....fresh....here....?

Is it possible to get out of this here-now?  Is there any way to escape This, right here?

Is there anywhere to turn where THIS is not?  

Is there anything that is not THIS?  Whatever is appearing, it's appearing in what? As what?  

What is here?

Is there an exit from right here, right now?  Can there be anything apart, separate, or away from This, here?  Isn't everything/nothing just always THIS?  Is there a way out?

You are THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS --  there is absolutely no exit.

THIS is as it is.....always.....now.....THIS can be no other way!  

THIS..... burns up all concepts of personhood, control, struggle, suffering, free will....the ensuing blaze explodes the heart of the one who believed in the "me," the one who never existed, except in the dream of LOVE, loving-to-be...

THIS is IT.  There is nothing else.  Nothing better.  No exit, ever.


Nothing Satisfies

Often, we seem to be looking
in thought
we're looking for something, for confirmation,
for answers

But there are no answers in thought
each one seems to say, "This is the truth, this is what is happening."
and then the next one might say the opposite
and what we are is beyond both

We see that no thought is true
we see that they cannot solve the mystery of what we are..
Even in the appearance, the play of Oneness, does thinking about a "problem" really reveal the "solution?"  Or does the "solution" just happen spontaneously without any need for a deep dive into thought?

We seem to look to thought for reassurance, security, entertainment...
in a word, satisfaction.
What "we" really want to see and experience is the Truth
which is what we already and always are

In a moment of no-time, it is seen that thought cannot tell us anything about what we are....that what is apparently searched for will not be found there...

How liberating!

When there is no more looking to thought, what is left is this free-fall into Being, as Being
complete unknowingness
no answers!  
just what is
no control!
and no need for any
no solutions!
and no problems

What is left is nothing  ** no-thing**  and only no-thing satisfies.

Like the old saying goes:  "I" can't get no satisfaction!!"
"Nothing satisfies like.....YOU."  ;-))  (okay, a bit of editing there!)



In a moment of no time...
a deep sweetness arises,
call it gratitude,
maybe wonder...

A welling of tears and heat
a deep tenderness arising

The story....
this dream world...
this Mystery, this Everything
is so beautiful...

And I can't explain why
it is simply what is here
no one to feel it  

This here-now is so much sweeter than a someone..
and yet, 
it is precisely the story of a someone,
seen as precious and loved, 
which accompanies this explosion of all-embracing softness..



Sometimes we say to look for the separate "me," in order to see that it doesn't exist...

But there is no one there to "look."  And therefore no "me" there to see that the "me" doesn't exist!  Perhaps we should use the word "notice" instead, because "looking" sometimes implies a search for something....or nothing.

When looking, it seems the "person" wants to find something....there is nothing there, however.  Or the person wants to find nothing - in the form of a "state" of peace, bliss, emptiness, etc.  But again, as we know, just because there arises a belief in a "me" doesn't mean there is someone here who can look! 

This doesn't stop the story of pointers, looking, etc.  It's all wonderful! And unnecessary!  And sometimes (in no time) it is noticed that there is no separate "me," and spaciousness and freedom are just here...

You cannot seek what you ALREADY ARE.  How can you separate from yourself?  Is it really possible?  This beautiful crazy dream of a world sure looks like an attempt to do just that, but in actuality, is there ever any separation at all?  

Are "you" looking to see that there is no "you?"   Or is it simply seen that there is no one, by no one?

Whatever is happening is perfect....reading these words might seem to elicit a seeing, or frustration or nothing at all....but words cannot "cause" anything...neither can apparent "teachers"....

Nothing causes seeing.  It is.


The Separate Me - Also Love(d)

Notice now

In this Spacious Beingness


How the separate "me-thought" is seen, accepted, delighted in...


There is nothing wrong with any of it

"me" is Love, too...


Whatever seems to be happening....it is innocent...This moment, whatever appears, see how it is welcomed, loved, seen....just as it is.

There is nothing wrong with what is appearing now.  There is a spacious presence registering, experiencing....with total acceptance.  

This happens, that happens, it's someone's fault, it shouldn't be, etc....sound familiar?  And yet.  What is, is... period.  Whatever seems to be happening is what is - for this moment - until the next "happening." Each moment brings a new delight....will anything be the same even one nanosecond from now?  Then why do we resist?  Why do we seem to reject what appears?  Haven't we noticed that rejection of something has absolutely no power to change what is appearing?  Why aren't "things" allowed to be as they are?  Who is it that judges what is as good or bad, wanted or unwanted? 

Maybe we can look with new eyes (or no "I's" !) and notice the suchness of This, here, now...its complete innocence.  An appearance can only appear as it is!  The cockroach or the orchid blossom - how could either one be any different?  See how perfectly they are what they are.  And if there is a reaction of recoiling from either one, well, that is also the suchness of This..  This is an invitation to see what is real, and how truly innocent we are.  Everything is being what it is...everything is Be-ing.  Can That be any other way, ever?

It's all Love, loving to be....in any form, any thought, any sensation.  All is accepted, even non-acceptance.  The invisible arms of Being, outstretched and endlessly welcoming.