Love Can Only See Love

This I AM is unfathomable spacious openness....empty and yet, welcoming...somehow embracing all that appears and doesn't.

Appearances...well, they appear....that is all!  It's what seemingly happens. No power to "do" anything....they are simply the kaleidoscopic reflections of I AM....they have no substance, are made of Nothing(ness).  Let's not even call them "they," because there is only I AM, WHAT IS, Is-ing.

So beautifully ordinary, nothing special here....a seeming "happening" occurs, seems to split what is un-split-able into a dream of real "things" and "people."  

This dream....it is LOVE.  It is not the enemy of I AM.....there are not "good" appearances and "bad" appearances....the dream is not a hindrance to Being, can't hide anything, can't "displease" the Oneness !  How could it?  

Love can only see Love.  Love can only BE Love.


Ash said...

beautiful expression of Love!!

when Love is all there is..in every expression..as it is..

Mary said...

Thank you, Ash, I'm glad that you visited the site!


Arturo said...

Peace & Love !
A bientôt !