Good News

Did you remember to grow the nail on your index finger today?
Did you remember to spin the earth on its axis so that the sun would appear in the morning?
Did you make sure to breathe last night while you were sleeping?
What woke you up this morning?
Did you "decide" to move your hand just now, to look at some part of the room, or rub your nose?  Or did those things just "happen?"

It might be hard to hear, but "you" are not required at all, for this living to take place....Let me repeat: the separate person is not needed for the "life" to continue, and to function very well, I might add.  Aliveness doesn't need "you."  Bang! Freedom!  
You are not controlling this "life" that is happening.  Aliveness IS, that is all...the separate person is simply another lovely appearance in This....this "you" is just a concept!  A bunch of thoughts, sensations!  An idea!  Stop for a second and let that sink in.   You are not the doer.  (Yes, things seemingly get done....but not by "you" or "me," my friend! ;-))  There simply is no doer here...and nothing is getting done anywhere....there is only Is-ing, Be-ing....in which ideas like "I am a separate person with control" arise... See how unreal it all is?  

This "you" is an appearance....like that autumn leaf floating to the ground....like that empty can of soda on the sidewalk...like that kiss that your partner gave you this morning...there is nothing special about "you" at all.  The "me" concept is not somehow superior to the "moon" concept.   And this is very, very good news!

This is the FREEDOM that you ARE.  No need to mourn the "separate me"....it is actually just unconditional Love like every"thing" else, enjoyed and delighted in as the One Self!  It's all good!


Ash said...

"This "you" is an appearance....like that autumn leaf floating to the ground"...beautiful!

...and if 'you' don't agree with the 'story' of the 'autumn leaf', that too is good... :)

beautifully expressed!!

Thank you for sharing Love!

Mary said...

And thank you Ash for your comments - and for being Love!