There Are No Teachers

No one needs a teacher to BE what one is.  You are THAT already, and it seems that in the story, this is pointed out to "you," by "people" who see it.  But there are no "people" really, this is a beautiful dream, a story, that arises in YOU.  All that is happening here is YOU, be-ing.....and loving what is.

Before seeing, after seeing - what's the difference?  In reality, none at all!  There never was a "before or after!"  There is only THIS, here, now.  YOU.  Does the dream story change when This is seen?  Sure it can... but I ask you, when is This not seen?  Isn't it always seen just now...and now....and now?  Is it ever really not seen?

And as for the story changing....it just doesn't matter, because what we ARE has no preference for this type of story, or that type of character...the dream continues, and it has nothing to do with what you are.  Anything can happen!  So, I say, enjoy it! (which is already happening, whether there is a  "you" enjoying it or not ;-))  

If you think that enlightenment means no more feelings, anger, sadness, etc...only unending bliss....well, I think "you" are going to be disappointed ;-)) (which doesn't mean that for some stories, there IS only bliss - anything can happen!)  Anger is also This.....look closely, what is it really?  A "negative" emotion?  A contraction?  Or is that just a label given to some energy that arises in YOU?  Maybe anger is only "anger" for a "me."  Maybe for YOU, it's Love !  Or simply what is....until it's not.  

It seems in the dream that Oneness plays peek-a-boo, doesn't it?  And then the character might find messages from other characters who point to that Oneness....it's lovely and completely unnecessary!  And yet, there is great pleasure here, for example, in sharing....in BEING THIS....and it is no different for "you, out there" because 1) there is no "you out there,"  and 2) what is seemingly writing these words and expressing enjoyment IS WHAT YOU ARE.

No teacher, no student.....just YOU.  Just this I AM presence, loving to be.  


Charlie Hayes said...

just ...


in Love

Mary said...

Love it, Charlie...I agree, one could also describe THIS as one big, fat YES ! :-) Thanks for sharing.


Julian Parker said...

I love the meekness in the word just. It seems to stand back from itself and allow everything else to happen.

Mary said...

Synchronicity! Thank you for "bringing up" this post, Julian, I was trying to remember it when I was replying to comments on the other post yesterday...