Self or No Self

We know that there is no separate, little "I," who is a doer or thinker, apart from the Oneness...
and yet, there is a sense of I AM.  What is that?  Is it the "Supreme Self"(the capital "I")?  Is there such a thing?

This I AM feeling/sense comes from where?  Isn't it the fragrance, or emanation, of this Spaciousness, this empty Nothingness?  Isn't there simply this silent peaceful indescribable Isness, out of which springs a loving-to-be vibration (I AM!)?  Or one could say, an Emptiness buzzing with aliveness/presence (I AM!)?

What notices I AM?  Is I AM always present?   What is always present?  Before any"thing" is registered?  Is that an "I"/self?    Or is it a verb....knowing/being/aware-ing/is-ing etc.??  

Is This that you ARE, is it an "I" or Self at all?  Or is it just.....     ?

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