I've Been Told...

I've been told...
that I am a person,
a controller,
an entity with a will,
a doer

I've been told...
that the earth revolves around the sun,
that planets influence behavior,
that a rock is an inanimate object, 
without feeling

I've been told...
that life works in a certain way,
that I have to choose the right way,
that my success is important,
and all up to me

I've been told...
that ignorance is bliss,
to forgive is divine, and
love is the way

But what do I know?
What can I say for sure?
Everything I know is hearsay,
second-hand, told to me by
someone else, or
read in a book, or
experienced through a filter
called "mind"

What is true?  

Is there anything that we can really know?

All I know is that I AM.  That's it.  There is nothing else I can say for sure, nothing else "I" can know...
There is no one to know anything, it's all a story, an idea, a mirage.

Yet something is known...
or, better yet,
there is know-ing of be-ing, or
if you prefer,
being - - knowing...

What about the rest?
Rocks, planets, experiences, books, mind?

Well, we could just call it all ..... Love  ;-))