The "Me" Is Not An Enemy

So, it is seen that the separate, controlling "me" is a fiction?  Great...no more suffering....and the realization that there never was/is any suffering....now, now, now - it's always NOW.

So, the sensation, image, feelings of a separate, controlling "me" appear again?  Great...still no suffering.  Tears, anger, disappointment may appear as well.  No problem at all...bring 'em on ;-) 

THIS has no problem with the imaginary "me."  It's obviously part of the divine play, and boy is it an exciting ride sometimes, yes? And yet, in this moment, there never is a "me."  Only in thought, is there that familiar character....it's okay, no need to "get rid of the me."  Let it come and go like the soft breeze....or the stormy rain...of YOU.

There seems to be an idea that there is some kind of "failure" or "incomplete enlightenment" if the sense of a separate person is present.  Ridiculous!  ANYTHING can happen, EVERYTHING is allowed.  ALL is seen to be the Nothingness that IS.

There is no limitation here, whatsoever.  And no one knows what This really is...we do our best to point, but it's never really IT.  We could say that the "me" is a vibration in YOU, just like everything seen and unseen...isn't it beautiful?

"Me" or "no-me,"  there isn't actually either one.  And that can only be recognized NOW.