Table, Birdsong, Thought

Forget about Enlightenment, Liberation, Awakening, etc...Come to this like a newborn, knowing nothing, simply being....aware, breathing, seeing, hearing, tasting.

This is IT.  There is truly nowhere to go, nothing else to discover.  You are This, everything and nothing.  There is no one to be in the world or see the world, there is only seeing what appears to be a world.  Nothing is what it seems.  Is that a table?  What's a table?  There is simply this experiencing of something labeled table... What does "world" mean anyway??  Everything is labeled for convenience, but the labels mean nothing, they do not define anything, nor do they change what YOU ARE.   Labeling a table "bird" does not change the experiencing of That...labeling this beingness "me" doesn't mean a thing, and labeling "me" as nice or kind or mean or hateful changes nothing....there is still only This...imagine that thoughts are birds chirping, what's the difference?  Do you "believe in" the birdsong?

Many events seem to be happening...appearances, labels, feelings, thoughts seem to coalesce into a story that has continuity and "makes sense."  But nothing is happening.  See that the explanations happen afterwards in some seeming attempt to make sense of this dream - but the dream has no significance, it's just YOU, being what you are.  Simple as that.   No reason, no purpose, just Being.

This is all there is.  YOU, Being.  Isn't it stunning?  Isn't it amazing?  Isn't it so very ordinary?  Isn't it always here?

The separate person that you appear to be is just like the table. What are you?  Are you really an independent entity?  With free will?  See how ridiculous it sounds now?   This "person" is no different than the table, the birdsong, the thoughts....an energetic movement, a bubble, a vibration, a mirage... isn't it sweet?  No decisions to make, just being is enough.  Nothing is ever required, everything is done (in the dream) while the belief that "you" are doing it goes on....until it doesn't.  No difference in what gets done !  Spontaneous happenings, with thoughts attempting to define....that's all that you, the independent entity, are.... a string of thoughts, a story.  Let the "knot" of "you" unravel....and see what happens...(I can tell you that nothing happens!  it's STILL just This!  ;-)))

This is not dramatic. It's so simple that it seems to boggle the mind....but we know that mind is the same as table, birdsong, thought....no importance whatsoever.  Would you let a table dictate reality?  Then why see thoughts as having any more power?  They are no different, they are movements/appearances in YOU, as YOU....and what YOU are is spontaneous, beautiful, free.  And now see all of these words on the page as nothing, because they are also simply appearing in YOU....as significant as table, birdsong, thought.  Everything points back to THIS, to YOU.

YOU are always YOU, no matter what, what, what appears... Just That.


David Dubois said...

No matter appears. No thing shines. that's me, that none can ever point at. Fluid, transparent, dropped, falling without end, light within light.
Hommage to you, whose being is purest speech.

Mary said...

Lovely, David...thank you for commenting.