What Is Real?

....I'm still waiting for the answer ;-) 

....what arises in response to this question is a silent buzzing-flow of nothingness...

the word "real" has no meaning here...only "This" is, and no explanation of "This" comes..


Ron Marson said...

What Is Real? I like the answer, "What never changes."

Mind objects come and go, so they can't be real. How about a total vacuum, is that real? Take away all material objects and all mental objects, including feelings, sensations, angels, visions and dogma. What's left? Nothing. Sheer absence. Stillness. Silence.

Objects arise. Object dissolve away. Amazing, ever-Itself Absence remains.

Who sees This? The open heart sees This. Seeing simply sees, and informs the mind or not. No big deal.

Mary said...

Beautifully put, Ron! Thank you for sharing..


Micael Stark said...

How can anything be real? When there is no separate person, who can claim the reality?
Reality is the one life. Everything ells are just appearance.

Charlie Hayes said...

What Is Real? What mind believes to be Unreal. No Thing is Real - arriving as Presence knowing Everything...
What IS, Is Real. Beyond "reality" all there IS is Reality. Now. Here. Reality and "Beyond Reality" are Not Separated. Only thought appears to "separate".

Musings. Not True! :-))

Mary said...

I love these comments, thanks everyone! ;-))


balantz said...

Still, any thing is not any less, nor any more "real" than no thing.

Paradoxically speaking ;-)


Ron Marson said...

ANY movement of mind -- words, images, thoughts (including these assertions I'm making now) -- create things (objects) that appear to move and change relative to other objects in my mind.

Moreover, space, time (past, present, future), memory, you and I, this whole apparent universe seem to be a necessary support structure called forth by mind that enables it to apparently move!

Not only that, all the wonderful non-dualistic pointer words I love to think about, some with capital letters -- No Thing, Awareness, Reality, Truth, God, die before you die, freedom, etc, are just more mind objects that my mind only "thinks" it understands.

My wonderful mind, through a process of seeing the false as false, carries itself right up to the edge of the Abyss of the Unknown and leaves itself suspended at the balance point. NOTHING it believe is true: if it moves, if it changes, it can't possibly be so.

My beautiful mind has no place to land. Every coin has two sides. No freedom and no bondage because freedom and bondage are just two more moving objects. Paradox. Checkmate. End of mind. End of ego.

OK. So now what?

Who is asking?

Oh! Another moving object.

Can I be what doesn't change, has never moved? How easy is that?

Easy as I am. Every child already knows "This."

Vince Flammini said...

Lovely, Mary. Thanks for writing.