Waiting For The Big Change

We are waiting for the big change, the "event," the big bang, the "shift."  This event will finally convince us that enlightenment has happened.  Exciting events may happen!  Are they IT?  

Well, that depends....are they happening NOW?  If so, then yes that's IT!  THIS....right here and now....is IT.  It is always IT!  Enlightenment is now.  Here, and here, and here.

The only thing that says otherwise is a little bitty thought....a few words strung together - so much power given to them!  A thought arises that says, "This is not it, there needs to be a shift, I need to feel differently afterward, the suffering must cease, there will be no more person, ever, I don't think the full liberation has happened....."  and on and on they go...

A little bitty thought is being believed, right now, that you are not the ALL....  That's all that's happening! (and not even that)  This moment, this here here here here is IT.  

What about the feeling of being separate?  What about the identification with the person?  What about this story, that story? What about this feeling, this appearance, that pain, etc.?  ALL THIS.  Made of This.  A kaleidoscope of swirling Isness.  Simple as that!  And remember, identification with a person only happens in time.  It is always a story of a past, a memory or a projection.  Right now, is there a person?  Can anyone say yes without going into a story of what it means to feel separate, have a body, etc.?  Thoughts, labels, all of it.  Now, it cannot be said that there is a person!  A separate person needs time.  Without time, what is left?

What's always holding this story together? What has to be present for anything to seemingly happen?  For anything to appear?  What is present now.....now......now?

That is what you are.  And all of This (imagine a sweeping wave of hand) is also YOU.  In that fact, there is a stopping.  Indestructible presence.

1) Whatever is happening now is IT.
2) Whatever appears to be happening is not what a thought says it is. (It's not a "tree," it's Life/God/YOU being!)
3) Enlightenment is This, now.  It's never going to happen. It has never happened. 
4) YOU are This.

See now that no argument, no story, no thought, no appearance, no denial has the slightest chance against these simple facts.

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