Impossible To Not Be This

It is often talked about that sometimes there seems to be an "in and out" quality to this "awakening," where there is clarity, awareness and "no one" followed by a sort of relapse into the separate person, with its tell-tale "unconsciousness" and identification.  Some call it "me-ing" and "be-ing."  In the story it seems that for a short or long while it can happen like that...
Well, we know that that story is just a string of thoughts, with no independent reality...but if it seems to be happening now, those words will not mean much.

The thing is, even if there appears to be complete identification as a separate person here and now, what has to be present for that?  I mean, even a screaming banshee can only scream because of Being.  Can anything be alive or exist (even in imagination!) without the ground of Being? Can the "you" do anything, say anything or even continue breathing without this Presence? There is this one thing (and it's not a thing) that MUST be present in order for anything to seemingly happen, even a dream, even a thought, a feeling or a color. Nothing is, without the Isness, first.  No appearance can appear without Being, because it IS Being...

That feeling of presence, of simply existing, even while "you" are completely confused, angry, aging, ill, or just bored....that is always there.  And that is what is pointed to.  That is what you are.  There is no way to get to it or leave it.  Just This, right now, that's IT!  Every second of every now-moment IT is here....and
the seconds only appear because of IT.  Even the now only exists because of YOU.

It's impossible to not be what you are, so anytime "you" think you are "me-ing," see that "me-ing" simply cannot happen without This, which is what you are, always and in all ways.... even if you feel like a screaming banshee sometimes! :-))


Maury said...

Nice writing, as usual. Keep it up. We enjoy it.


Mary said...

Thank you Maury, I enjoy your blog as well!


Anonymous said...

Hello Mary,

I think, we humans like to put ourselves in a little frame because it's save and familiar. If something happens in our lives that doesn't fit in the frame we start screaming like that funny banshee:-). That's all we do ; putting little frames on Reality so we can build our lives on it and control it. (Yet at the same time we want freedom) But it'll never fit. Reality doesn't know about the artificial divisions of the mind. This framestructure is built on shaky grounds, it's built in the changefull that appears in and as the changeless empty sky of Awareness. As that there is no more urge to re-arrange the 'World' so that it reflects you, because where-ever you go there YOU are, everywhere and Now-Here.

Thanks Mary for sharing your insight on this Blog, I enjoy it very much.
Best regards

Tom Van der Spiet
Belgium, Antwerp

Mary said...

Hi Tom,

I'm so glad that you enjoy the blog, it is a pleasure to share.... thank you for your comments, I love your description of "This!"