No Doer, Nothing Done

It takes no effort to be what you are.  It is what is, right now, and always.  Being, Oneness, Isness, Awareness - call it what you will.  There is nothing but That, and it's a verb.

The person that you might feel you are is simply a story arising in Beingness.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the appearance of a "separate person," because in reality there is no such thing, and also because if there seems to be one, then that it is what is arising.  In the next moment of no-time it might be seen that there is no person, and if that is the case, then that is simply what is. And then if a feeling of lack, of separation happens again, then that is Beingness, too.  It's all okay.  It's all One.  None of it changes what you are, for you are the Oneness seemingly being all these "things."

Notice that searching for enlightenment is a story that arises within another story of a separate person.  A feeling of lack arises.....and that is what is, until it's not.  A seeming "enlightened person" gives you some advice, points you to the "truth".....can it be anything other than a story?  If something resonates (as is the case often here), is it not simply the Beingness being/resonating?  Is there a need or desire for freedom in reality?  No.  Enlightenment and liberation are only significant for "someone."  For YOU, it's just what is, what you are.

See that you have no choice, that there is no one to choose liberation or freedom or awakening.  If there is a strong urge for such, it is simply the way this story is playing out.  It can't be any other way.  Nothing can be other than it is, so you can relax and rest in the knowing that This is YOU and the story will run its course and there is nothing that you can (choose to) do about it.  This may sound frightening or hopeless, but how scary is it to see that all is well and there is nowhere where YOU are not? If fear or desperation comes up, welcome that as your own Self, expressing.  No need to label the feelings, no need for a story to explain or understand them.  Greet them as expressions of the One and watch how they come and go in YOU.

All this sharing of non-dual expression and people "getting it" and "not getting it" is a beautiful story in Beingness....as significant as a blade of grass or a bumblebee.  The story of "not getting it" or "this is not it" is another arising in YOU...No meaning whatsoever, because you can't get away from what you are.  You were never separate, you are not separate now and can never be.  And there is no time, except in the story.  

The story of your "life" will take its course.  You have nothing to do with it.  You could say that the character is being lived out, in appearance.  If there is identification with that story line, then that is what is presently happening and it can be no other way.  If, in the story, you are drawn to Advaita and enquiry and you begin to question who you are and suddenly the "person" is seen to be non-existent, then that is what is happening and can be no other way.  

Know that nothing "you" do can touch, add to, or take away from what you are, which doesn't mean that you will sit on the couch the rest of "your story"....unless you do ;-)) which would be nothing other than Being, couching...!

It's all good.  Trust This.  There is no one to trust or not to trust, and yet I say it again: Trust YOU.   Nothing is ever asked of you, except to be, and not even that. Your next breath is even done for you....how could we have ever believed that "we" were running this show??  Doesn't it seem ridiculous now?

How effortless and even delightful it is to simply BE...


james said...

Mary, your words are a delight to read. And your understanding even more of a delight to meet. Vous êtes, nous sommes, tous ensemble; mais pas ensemble comme des âmes séparée; ensemble comme vin qui imprègne le bois du tonneau et qui est imprégnée aussi par le gout du bois. Merci pour le petit morceau de gout!

Mary said...

Je suis ravie que ces mots résonnent pour vous....merci également pour vos belles phrases - j'ai adoré !

Thanks so much for commenting and for the lovely, poetic words ;-))


Peter said...

Hi Mary, a new blossom, I see! Quite lovely, and, as it is returned to, and held within, it imparts a good vibration...Thanks to the One Source....James reminded me a few months back of the wonderful insights of the poet Wallace Stevens...do you know this passage, from "The Idea of Order at Key West":

.....She was the single artificer of the world
in which she sang. And when she sang, the
whatever self it had, became the self
that was her song, for she was the maker.
Then we, as we beheld her striding there
Knew that there never was a world for her
except the one she sang and, singing, made.

Looking forward to your next aria,


Mary said...

Wow, what a beautiful passage, Peter! Thank you for sharing...