My Middle Name Used to be "Why?"

I dreamt the other night that the sky began to break apart into little pieces....small squares began to fall, and as I looked up I saw that behind the little pieces was what appeared to be another sky....bluer and brighter and clearer..

What might the dream represent?  Clarity?  The illusion of appearances?  A message from the unconscious?  

Well, there is no one to want to know.  There is no one to search for meaning.  That dream is as real as the life that "I" am living now.  That dream is as important as the typing on this keyboard right now, which is: no real importance at all - AND - the only thing that is possible in the moment.  

What does it all mean?  I don't care.  And that statement is bursting with a gratitude and love that I cannot describe in words.  God, Oneness, Beingness  doesn't need to know, doesn't need anything, just loves being...every appearance delighted in, for no reason. 

This is freedom.....freedom to be this wondrous nothingness.....whether we call it "aliveness" or "meaningful" or even "blue sky," these are just labels for this indescribable loving-being-experiencing joy which is cart-wheeling in ecstasy as the most ordinary, mind-blowingly simple fact: I AM.  

Who needs a reason for That?


Ron Marson said...


My middle name used to be HOW, and still is by sheer force of habit, a habit of mind, a question posed by mind to engage mind, to figure, to calculate, to move someplace else. Because that's what mind does. It has landed here. And now it looks around to find someplace else to land. HOW do I get from where I am, to where I think I want to be? I can chew on this question for the rest of my life.

Rearrange these 3 letters and my middle name becomes WHO, a question that penetrates the heart! WHO is it that wants to know how? I look around and find no one that is not just another perception, feeling or thought in endless mind stream. WHO is a question that stops the movie, the self invention. Nothing moves because there is nothing to be found outside the mind that can move. Even the question disappears.

Mary said...

Right on, A-Ron ....or ROAR !! ;-)))