You are Everything 
and you are Nothing

Everything is 
actually Nothing

Look at the world..
Nothing is real,
Everything isn't.

That is to say
that everything you see
is only you:
No-thing (-ing!)


Peter said...

Hello Mary,

lovely post tonight, thank you. Do you know the word "palimpsest"! Your title "Layers", brought it to mind, and it feels metaphorically rich, as this moment keeps revealing new tracings and hints of a Holy Presence playing "hide and seek" with itself.....

Another friend you may enjoy reading:www.thepresenceportal.com. Michael Brown's web site.

In love and joy,


Mary said...

Hi Peter,

No I didn't know that word...do now, and I see why you were reminded of it.

It's so funny...words arise from the same Nothingness, they are not separate from This, and yet, they can never define God. They are just more textures/layers of what This looks like, expressing, is-ing...

For me, only silence says it accurately ;-)) !

Thanks for writing and for the link.


Ron Marson said...

It's like this: You can stand on the rim of the Grand Canyon, and watch a movie on your self phone if you want to (as if you had a choice).

Or like this: Space-time is this huge three-dimensional mirror. The holograms look real enough. You can even break your head against them. But even that is virtual.

Then God winks or smiles, and sees Himself between two movies running in your mind: One brief intermission and the game is over. You win because you lose.

Ron Marson said...

God has made nonexistence appear existent and respectable; He has made Existence appear in the guise of nonexistence.

He has hidden the Sea and made the foam visible, He has concealed the Wind and shown you the dust.


Mary said...

That is beautiful, Ron! Thank you for sharing your comments...