No One Sees This

There are no special people who get "This," while you don't. There are no enlightened people.  No one knows any more than you do.  There is no one who embodies this Realization better than you do, or has something that you don't.

There simply is no one.  There is only This.

You are told to see this right now, but you can't!  Because the "you" who is trying to see doesn't exist.  The seeing happens, when there is no one left to look.  When is this "when?"  NOW.  There will never be another time to see.  Are "you" going to decide to see This?  Nope.  Seeing happens.  It is always happening.

What you are IS what is happening.  Now....and now.....and now.

Sometimes it's pointed out that there is an "Isness" (for want of a better word) "is-ing" which is the backround or foundation for everything which arises in It.  It's a useful pointer because what we see arising in It seems to be a lot of separate things: people, ideas, nature, thoughts, buildings, feelings, etc.  But actually these appearances are not separate from the "Is-ing" - they are It as well.  Nothing can be separate from This.  Can you be separate from what you are?

"But," one might say, "the appearances are always changing, and what I am does not."  Okay.  The appearances appear to be changing, but are they?  There is only now.  So, how can one say that something has changed without referencing a "time" in the past?  Right now, can there be any change?  There is only what is. When seen by a "someone," appearances seem real, separate, and changing.  But when seen by no one, what are they? Aren't they just This? 

Aren't they just YOU, Is-ing?  

This is It.  What YOU are.  What I am. What is.  Isn't it simple and amazing?  (not simple and amazing to "me," just simple and amazing as two "words" which are also It!  ;-)))  Nowhere to hide!


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