What Authority?

We often look to the mind to gauge whether we "get" this or not. If there is understanding or clarity, then we decide that we are "there". But often times this "mind" tells us that we don't get it, that we are not quite there, or confused, etc.

But what authority does this so-called mind have anyway? Isn't it just a seeming mass of thoughts and concepts just like every other appearance in the Beingness? Why would we look there for confirmation of anything?

The "mind" is not able to tell you what you are. It may seem like it tries...( so sweet, always trying to help us out, explain things, give us a clue..... ;-) )

But what you are is beyond the mind, beyond thoughts, beyond concepts - ALL concepts. Even the concept "mind." Even the concept "words" "thought" "inquiry" "beyond" "emptiness" "bliss".....What is before all, all, ALL that can be known, spoken, seen or conceived??? What is That? Does the mind have anything to say about it? Or does it get suddenly quiet in the head space?

Nothing can touch YOU.


joy said...

your posts inspire me.

Mary said...

Thank you, joy, for taking the time to comment. Your name and words inspire me, too!


Ron Marson said...

Yes. It gets very quiet in the head space, even when there is lots of thinking going on.

Like being a little kid in school listening to a fairy tale. And knowing it's a fairy tale, without authority.

I won't really be baked in an oven or eaten by a wolf. And even if this is my fate, it can't touch the reality of who I am.

Mary said...

Beautifully said, Ron, thank you for sharing...


Peter said...

Mary, Ron, et al:

One of the facets of deep gratitude for these shared thoughts/feelings/pointers is that they are not bound by this moment of reading, and as I am "spending my time" manufacturing stuff tonight, inside will be quiet, listening to the sweet echo of your loving thoughts. Thanks again, dear friends,