Effortless and Amazing

No goal.... no plan, ambition, or life purpose. Just This. All dreams have been washed away in this Presence, in what I am. No need for them now. What dream could possibly be better than this breath, here, now? And it's all done for me, through me, without me.

I'm not necessary at all. Even in love, it's Love that moves, lives, loves through this "me".....I don't even know how to love. How could I, when I AM Love?

I have no idea what will happen to this character, to this life. I have no wants, no needs, no idea of how this story should continue... there is only living, breathing, all wonder of appearances, and unknowing peace.

All success, all happiness, all love can be summed up simply in this next breath....that's all that's required, and not even that.

How effortless, natural and amazing it is....to simply be what I am.

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Jim Keller said...

Mary...I love your comment:
"...I'm not necessary at all..."
It makes me giggle! What a relief not to be required! So I'm guessing there is no one here. But honestly, i don't know for sure...I don't really care whether there is or not. Love and blessings...Jim