What Authority?

We often look to the mind to gauge whether we "get" this or not. If there is understanding or clarity, then we decide that we are "there". But often times this "mind" tells us that we don't get it, that we are not quite there, or confused, etc.

But what authority does this so-called mind have anyway? Isn't it just a seeming mass of thoughts and concepts just like every other appearance in the Beingness? Why would we look there for confirmation of anything?

The "mind" is not able to tell you what you are. It may seem like it tries...( so sweet, always trying to help us out, explain things, give us a clue..... ;-) )

But what you are is beyond the mind, beyond thoughts, beyond concepts - ALL concepts. Even the concept "mind." Even the concept "words" "thought" "inquiry" "beyond" "emptiness" "bliss".....What is before all, all, ALL that can be known, spoken, seen or conceived??? What is That? Does the mind have anything to say about it? Or does it get suddenly quiet in the head space?

Nothing can touch YOU.


THIS is a verb, not a noun

There is no I. Or I am. There is only this vibration, this gentle buzzing.....so sweet. Feels like a soft joy, love, like gratitude and a smile.

This is what is before the "I AM." No word can describe it. It is This, here....it is everything which is really nothing...

There is only This: complete, whole, beyond all mental concepts. All springs out of it, all falls back into it, swirling, dancing...

What This is cannot be spoken, explained, understood. We cannot know what we are, we can only know that we are....and even that is unnecessary. Nothing is necessary, ever.

Some ask, "Do you exist?" My answer is that I don't know. What/who is the question referring to? What does it mean to exist?

There is only This. "Vibrating Beingness" is a close as I can get in words. If that is existing, then here I AM. ;-)


Effortless and Amazing

No goal.... no plan, ambition, or life purpose. Just This. All dreams have been washed away in this Presence, in what I am. No need for them now. What dream could possibly be better than this breath, here, now? And it's all done for me, through me, without me.

I'm not necessary at all. Even in love, it's Love that moves, lives, loves through this "me".....I don't even know how to love. How could I, when I AM Love?

I have no idea what will happen to this character, to this life. I have no wants, no needs, no idea of how this story should continue... there is only living, breathing, all wonder of appearances, and unknowing peace.

All success, all happiness, all love can be summed up simply in this next breath....that's all that's required, and not even that.

How effortless, natural and amazing it is....to simply be what I am.


Enlightenment is a loss. The loss of the belief in a separate person.

There is no gain. Just the recognition of what cannot be lost.

Simple as that.

It's Done

Once I was talking to a well known Advaita "expresser," describing how I was shocked when it seemed that the separate person "came back." The reason for thinking that the "me" was somehow in the picture again was that there was an experiencing of intense emotions and a story started up about "me" and "others" and "my life," etc....

He pointed out that just because all this stuff arose, it didn't mean that there was any separate person at all....why would it? It was just emotion, thought, images, etc. arising - where was this seeming person?

Oh. Uh, yeah. Of course! What the ???!!! was I thinking?

Well, "I" wasn't thinking at all. Thinking happens. It attempts to label, to explain what is happening. That's it. NO PERSON IS DOING IT. Feeling happens. Belief happens. NO ONE IS DOING IT.

No separate person is believing anything. Ever. No separate person is thinking, deciding, choosing. There is no one who can believe, decide or choose.

There may arise a belief that "you" don't get This. That the person is still here. That the Grand Realization hasn't fully happened yet. That some "have" It fully and some don't. That you are "almost there." That there is just an "intellectual understanding."

Sorry, but that is just hogwash. You have got it, my friend. You have more than got it - YOU ARE IT. No matter what arises, there is no possibility that Realization is not. It is. Always. That means even when a belief in a separate person happens......so what? Isn't that just a thought like the millions of other thoughts that arise and fall in WHAT YOU ARE? What you are is not fooled by thought, even when another thought comes in to say that you believe that thought!! Can you see that it is impossible for YOU to believe a thought? It has never happened. Belief has happened, thought has happened, but YOU always know what YOU are.

See that now. Only now. Don't go to the past, it doesn't exist. Right now, can a thought ever be the truth of what you are? Is there any way that YOU could be separate from YOU ever? Ever?

I don't care what is happening: emptiness, unconditional love, seeming separation, anger, peace, boredom or deep sleep. This IS. And YOU are THIS.

Full stop. Period. Over and out. End of story.

Any question or doubt that comes up about this is simply YOU expressing your Infinite Self. No way around it. No matter what arises, you will always, always end up with YOU. Notice how everything appears and dissolves in YOU.

It's done. And it never began.


Six-Word Memoir (inspired by NPR article)

Searched. Found nothing, lost everything. Peace.

What's yours?