All is well....nothing to do, nothing to be....nothing to become. What you are right now is perfection....where you are is perfect, too. There is no becoming. There is only This, now, being what is....

No need to struggle, to understand, to attain or give up.....just being what you are, now, is enough. More than enough...

You are being breathed, lived....you are Life itself. Nothing belongs to you, you are everything and there isn't anything, and that is what you are as well. All labels and definitions are not true....the truest truth is unspeakable, and you are That.

Resting and moving, knowing and not-knowing, you are beyond all dualities, even beyond your capacity to know, to see, to be. What is beyond everything known and unknown? You are That.

And it's so mind-blowingly simple....always, always, always here...This....YOU....all endeavor, all effort, all need, all want - where are they now?

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Ron Marson said...

I come veiled in so many ways, including tanks and guns and bombs. Then I dress up as "me" and "you" to help ease the apparent hurt. My creation disguise is perfect and impenetrable. Nothing outside of me can expose ME. So why not give up the search right now?

Knowing ME is being ME.