There is nobody home
There is only ..... home



Only YOU

You don't have to open....you are openness
You don't have to let go....you are deep release
You don't have to love....you are love
You don't have to become....you are 

You don't have to lose the "me"....it never existed
There is only YOU
Rest in the sweetness that is named compassion
Only YOU
Neither poetic words nor beautiful concepts can describe what YOU are
They are not true
Nothing is true
Just YOU
What is needed?

This Has No Exit

What is here, right now?

What is here, present, aware....just now and now and now....fresh....here....?

Is it possible to get out of this here-now?  Is there any way to escape This, right here?

Is there anywhere to turn where THIS is not?  

Is there anything that is not THIS?  Whatever is appearing, it's appearing in what? As what?  

What is here?

Is there an exit from right here, right now?  Can there be anything apart, separate, or away from This, here?  Isn't everything/nothing just always THIS?  Is there a way out?

You are THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS THIS --  there is absolutely no exit.

THIS is as it is.....always.....now.....THIS can be no other way!  

THIS..... burns up all concepts of personhood, control, struggle, suffering, free will....the ensuing blaze explodes the heart of the one who believed in the "me," the one who never existed, except in the dream of LOVE, loving-to-be...

THIS is IT.  There is nothing else.  Nothing better.  No exit, ever.


Nothing Satisfies

Often, we seem to be looking
in thought
we're looking for something, for confirmation,
for answers

But there are no answers in thought
each one seems to say, "This is the truth, this is what is happening."
and then the next one might say the opposite
and what we are is beyond both

We see that no thought is true
we see that they cannot solve the mystery of what we are..
Even in the appearance, the play of Oneness, does thinking about a "problem" really reveal the "solution?"  Or does the "solution" just happen spontaneously without any need for a deep dive into thought?

We seem to look to thought for reassurance, security, entertainment...
in a word, satisfaction.
What "we" really want to see and experience is the Truth
which is what we already and always are

In a moment of no-time, it is seen that thought cannot tell us anything about what we are....that what is apparently searched for will not be found there...

How liberating!

When there is no more looking to thought, what is left is this free-fall into Being, as Being
complete unknowingness
no answers!  
just what is
no control!
and no need for any
no solutions!
and no problems

What is left is nothing  ** no-thing**  and only no-thing satisfies.

Like the old saying goes:  "I" can't get no satisfaction!!"
"Nothing satisfies like.....YOU."  ;-))  (okay, a bit of editing there!)



In a moment of no time...
a deep sweetness arises,
call it gratitude,
maybe wonder...

A welling of tears and heat
a deep tenderness arising

The story....
this dream world...
this Mystery, this Everything
is so beautiful...

And I can't explain why
it is simply what is here
no one to feel it  

This here-now is so much sweeter than a someone..
and yet, 
it is precisely the story of a someone,
seen as precious and loved, 
which accompanies this explosion of all-embracing softness..



Sometimes we say to look for the separate "me," in order to see that it doesn't exist...

But there is no one there to "look."  And therefore no "me" there to see that the "me" doesn't exist!  Perhaps we should use the word "notice" instead, because "looking" sometimes implies a search for something....or nothing.

When looking, it seems the "person" wants to find something....there is nothing there, however.  Or the person wants to find nothing - in the form of a "state" of peace, bliss, emptiness, etc.  But again, as we know, just because there arises a belief in a "me" doesn't mean there is someone here who can look! 

This doesn't stop the story of pointers, looking, etc.  It's all wonderful! And unnecessary!  And sometimes (in no time) it is noticed that there is no separate "me," and spaciousness and freedom are just here...

You cannot seek what you ALREADY ARE.  How can you separate from yourself?  Is it really possible?  This beautiful crazy dream of a world sure looks like an attempt to do just that, but in actuality, is there ever any separation at all?  

Are "you" looking to see that there is no "you?"   Or is it simply seen that there is no one, by no one?

Whatever is happening is perfect....reading these words might seem to elicit a seeing, or frustration or nothing at all....but words cannot "cause" anything...neither can apparent "teachers"....

Nothing causes seeing.  It is.


The Separate Me - Also Love(d)

Notice now

In this Spacious Beingness


How the separate "me-thought" is seen, accepted, delighted in...


There is nothing wrong with any of it

"me" is Love, too...


Whatever seems to be happening....it is innocent...This moment, whatever appears, see how it is welcomed, loved, seen....just as it is.

There is nothing wrong with what is appearing now.  There is a spacious presence registering, experiencing....with total acceptance.  

This happens, that happens, it's someone's fault, it shouldn't be, etc....sound familiar?  And yet.  What is, is... period.  Whatever seems to be happening is what is - for this moment - until the next "happening." Each moment brings a new delight....will anything be the same even one nanosecond from now?  Then why do we resist?  Why do we seem to reject what appears?  Haven't we noticed that rejection of something has absolutely no power to change what is appearing?  Why aren't "things" allowed to be as they are?  Who is it that judges what is as good or bad, wanted or unwanted? 

Maybe we can look with new eyes (or no "I's" !) and notice the suchness of This, here, now...its complete innocence.  An appearance can only appear as it is!  The cockroach or the orchid blossom - how could either one be any different?  See how perfectly they are what they are.  And if there is a reaction of recoiling from either one, well, that is also the suchness of This..  This is an invitation to see what is real, and how truly innocent we are.  Everything is being what it is...everything is Be-ing.  Can That be any other way, ever?

It's all Love, loving to be....in any form, any thought, any sensation.  All is accepted, even non-acceptance.  The invisible arms of Being, outstretched and endlessly welcoming. 




You do not know what you are, you only know that you are...

You are free
You are free
You are free


Home Is You - Right Now

Everything you've ever wished for...
Everything you've wanted to become...
Every goal, every dream you've had or worked toward...
Every moment that you anticipated with excited impatience,
expecting a delight...
Every time you did your best to love, to forgive, to "be a better person"...
Every beautiful sight, sound, or touch you've experienced...all of it..

All the progress you've made....simply to arrive nowhere, to realize that you are that which you seek, more alive and precious than anything a mind could imagine...
You are THAT, you are HERE, you are NOW...
There is absolutely nothing to do, nowhere to go....you can only be YOU, you cannot be anything or anywhere else.

There is nothing better than THIS!  There is nothing better than YOU, here, right now. 
It's all just here - nowhere else, no other time - now, now now....YOU.  This is It. 
Before the next breath, YOU are here.  Before the next thought, YOU are here.  In order to even seek, YOU must be present.  See that the search for your own True Self cannot even occur without the presence of your own True Self!  There is no way out of This - you can't "move" in thought or action without bumping into YOURSELF....what a relief! You are home....home is you.....and not in some "future" time when "something" happens.  No, you are THAT, right now, only now.


Good News

Did you remember to grow the nail on your index finger today?
Did you remember to spin the earth on its axis so that the sun would appear in the morning?
Did you make sure to breathe last night while you were sleeping?
What woke you up this morning?
Did you "decide" to move your hand just now, to look at some part of the room, or rub your nose?  Or did those things just "happen?"

It might be hard to hear, but "you" are not required at all, for this living to take place....Let me repeat: the separate person is not needed for the "life" to continue, and to function very well, I might add.  Aliveness doesn't need "you."  Bang! Freedom!  
You are not controlling this "life" that is happening.  Aliveness IS, that is all...the separate person is simply another lovely appearance in This....this "you" is just a concept!  A bunch of thoughts, sensations!  An idea!  Stop for a second and let that sink in.   You are not the doer.  (Yes, things seemingly get done....but not by "you" or "me," my friend! ;-))  There simply is no doer here...and nothing is getting done anywhere....there is only Is-ing, Be-ing....in which ideas like "I am a separate person with control" arise... See how unreal it all is?  

This "you" is an appearance....like that autumn leaf floating to the ground....like that empty can of soda on the sidewalk...like that kiss that your partner gave you this morning...there is nothing special about "you" at all.  The "me" concept is not somehow superior to the "moon" concept.   And this is very, very good news!

This is the FREEDOM that you ARE.  No need to mourn the "separate me"....it is actually just unconditional Love like every"thing" else, enjoyed and delighted in as the One Self!  It's all good!


Love Can Only See Love

This I AM is unfathomable spacious openness....empty and yet, welcoming...somehow embracing all that appears and doesn't.

Appearances...well, they appear....that is all!  It's what seemingly happens. No power to "do" anything....they are simply the kaleidoscopic reflections of I AM....they have no substance, are made of Nothing(ness).  Let's not even call them "they," because there is only I AM, WHAT IS, Is-ing.

So beautifully ordinary, nothing special here....a seeming "happening" occurs, seems to split what is un-split-able into a dream of real "things" and "people."  

This dream....it is LOVE.  It is not the enemy of I AM.....there are not "good" appearances and "bad" appearances....the dream is not a hindrance to Being, can't hide anything, can't "displease" the Oneness !  How could it?  

Love can only see Love.  Love can only BE Love.


There Are No Teachers

No one needs a teacher to BE what one is.  You are THAT already, and it seems that in the story, this is pointed out to "you," by "people" who see it.  But there are no "people" really, this is a beautiful dream, a story, that arises in YOU.  All that is happening here is YOU, be-ing.....and loving what is.

Before seeing, after seeing - what's the difference?  In reality, none at all!  There never was a "before or after!"  There is only THIS, here, now.  YOU.  Does the dream story change when This is seen?  Sure it can... but I ask you, when is This not seen?  Isn't it always seen just now...and now....and now?  Is it ever really not seen?

And as for the story changing....it just doesn't matter, because what we ARE has no preference for this type of story, or that type of character...the dream continues, and it has nothing to do with what you are.  Anything can happen!  So, I say, enjoy it! (which is already happening, whether there is a  "you" enjoying it or not ;-))  

If you think that enlightenment means no more feelings, anger, sadness, etc...only unending bliss....well, I think "you" are going to be disappointed ;-)) (which doesn't mean that for some stories, there IS only bliss - anything can happen!)  Anger is also This.....look closely, what is it really?  A "negative" emotion?  A contraction?  Or is that just a label given to some energy that arises in YOU?  Maybe anger is only "anger" for a "me."  Maybe for YOU, it's Love !  Or simply what is....until it's not.  

It seems in the dream that Oneness plays peek-a-boo, doesn't it?  And then the character might find messages from other characters who point to that Oneness....it's lovely and completely unnecessary!  And yet, there is great pleasure here, for example, in sharing....in BEING THIS....and it is no different for "you, out there" because 1) there is no "you out there,"  and 2) what is seemingly writing these words and expressing enjoyment IS WHAT YOU ARE.

No teacher, no student.....just YOU.  Just this I AM presence, loving to be.  



"When all the false self-identifications are thrown away, what remains is all-embracing love."
                                                            - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj



Perfectly So

Nothing has to change, to be more "godly," "spiritual," or "enlightened"...

There is only WHAT IS....exactly as it is...and perfectly so.  Nothing can be any other way..

YOU are this "Everything."  Enlightenment, Liberation, Freedom, Love, Beingness, call It what you will, This is all there is, here, now....end of story. (literally ;-))  It's really quite simple.  THIS is simply how it is, right now.

Nothing has to change, to be what is....and you don't have to change to be what YOU are, which is This..
..perfectly so.


This Is Love

I know it's a cliché, but it's the word that comes....

THIS is Love.   Everything we talk about, point to, try to explain in words....this is Love...anything that seems to be happening....tears falling, sadness, joy, table, chair, thought - it's all LOVE.

All of this, everything which appears and doesn't.....is Love. The I AM, the sense of presence/being.....Love.   Look anywhere, everywhere....

...even if the eye rests on a scene of what we would call horror or pain....look....   tears fall, anger arises, maybe actions happen - it's LOVE !  Look without the filter of "mind," look with the eye that is not...and see...

There is only This.  There is only Love.



Self or No Self

We know that there is no separate, little "I," who is a doer or thinker, apart from the Oneness...
and yet, there is a sense of I AM.  What is that?  Is it the "Supreme Self"(the capital "I")?  Is there such a thing?

This I AM feeling/sense comes from where?  Isn't it the fragrance, or emanation, of this Spaciousness, this empty Nothingness?  Isn't there simply this silent peaceful indescribable Isness, out of which springs a loving-to-be vibration (I AM!)?  Or one could say, an Emptiness buzzing with aliveness/presence (I AM!)?

What notices I AM?  Is I AM always present?   What is always present?  Before any"thing" is registered?  Is that an "I"/self?    Or is it a verb....knowing/being/aware-ing/is-ing etc.??  

Is This that you ARE, is it an "I" or Self at all?  Or is it just.....     ?


Loving to be..

..is the only thing that is ever happening..


Stop and See

Everything you see, is actually what is seeing..
and what is seeing, is actually nothing

seeing no-thing

just seeing


I've Been Told...

I've been told...
that I am a person,
a controller,
an entity with a will,
a doer

I've been told...
that the earth revolves around the sun,
that planets influence behavior,
that a rock is an inanimate object, 
without feeling

I've been told...
that life works in a certain way,
that I have to choose the right way,
that my success is important,
and all up to me

I've been told...
that ignorance is bliss,
to forgive is divine, and
love is the way

But what do I know?
What can I say for sure?
Everything I know is hearsay,
second-hand, told to me by
someone else, or
read in a book, or
experienced through a filter
called "mind"

What is true?  

Is there anything that we can really know?

All I know is that I AM.  That's it.  There is nothing else I can say for sure, nothing else "I" can know...
There is no one to know anything, it's all a story, an idea, a mirage.

Yet something is known...
or, better yet,
there is know-ing of be-ing, or
if you prefer,
being - - knowing...

What about the rest?
Rocks, planets, experiences, books, mind?

Well, we could just call it all ..... Love  ;-))


The "Me" Is Not An Enemy

So, it is seen that the separate, controlling "me" is a fiction?  Great...no more suffering....and the realization that there never was/is any suffering....now, now, now - it's always NOW.

So, the sensation, image, feelings of a separate, controlling "me" appear again?  Great...still no suffering.  Tears, anger, disappointment may appear as well.  No problem at all...bring 'em on ;-) 

THIS has no problem with the imaginary "me."  It's obviously part of the divine play, and boy is it an exciting ride sometimes, yes? And yet, in this moment, there never is a "me."  Only in thought, is there that familiar character....it's okay, no need to "get rid of the me."  Let it come and go like the soft breeze....or the stormy rain...of YOU.

There seems to be an idea that there is some kind of "failure" or "incomplete enlightenment" if the sense of a separate person is present.  Ridiculous!  ANYTHING can happen, EVERYTHING is allowed.  ALL is seen to be the Nothingness that IS.

There is no limitation here, whatsoever.  And no one knows what This really is...we do our best to point, but it's never really IT.  We could say that the "me" is a vibration in YOU, just like everything seen and unseen...isn't it beautiful?

"Me" or "no-me,"  there isn't actually either one.  And that can only be recognized NOW.


Table, Birdsong, Thought

Forget about Enlightenment, Liberation, Awakening, etc...Come to this like a newborn, knowing nothing, simply being....aware, breathing, seeing, hearing, tasting.

This is IT.  There is truly nowhere to go, nothing else to discover.  You are This, everything and nothing.  There is no one to be in the world or see the world, there is only seeing what appears to be a world.  Nothing is what it seems.  Is that a table?  What's a table?  There is simply this experiencing of something labeled table... What does "world" mean anyway??  Everything is labeled for convenience, but the labels mean nothing, they do not define anything, nor do they change what YOU ARE.   Labeling a table "bird" does not change the experiencing of That...labeling this beingness "me" doesn't mean a thing, and labeling "me" as nice or kind or mean or hateful changes nothing....there is still only This...imagine that thoughts are birds chirping, what's the difference?  Do you "believe in" the birdsong?

Many events seem to be happening...appearances, labels, feelings, thoughts seem to coalesce into a story that has continuity and "makes sense."  But nothing is happening.  See that the explanations happen afterwards in some seeming attempt to make sense of this dream - but the dream has no significance, it's just YOU, being what you are.  Simple as that.   No reason, no purpose, just Being.

This is all there is.  YOU, Being.  Isn't it stunning?  Isn't it amazing?  Isn't it so very ordinary?  Isn't it always here?

The separate person that you appear to be is just like the table. What are you?  Are you really an independent entity?  With free will?  See how ridiculous it sounds now?   This "person" is no different than the table, the birdsong, the thoughts....an energetic movement, a bubble, a vibration, a mirage... isn't it sweet?  No decisions to make, just being is enough.  Nothing is ever required, everything is done (in the dream) while the belief that "you" are doing it goes on....until it doesn't.  No difference in what gets done !  Spontaneous happenings, with thoughts attempting to define....that's all that you, the independent entity, are.... a string of thoughts, a story.  Let the "knot" of "you" unravel....and see what happens...(I can tell you that nothing happens!  it's STILL just This!  ;-)))

This is not dramatic. It's so simple that it seems to boggle the mind....but we know that mind is the same as table, birdsong, thought....no importance whatsoever.  Would you let a table dictate reality?  Then why see thoughts as having any more power?  They are no different, they are movements/appearances in YOU, as YOU....and what YOU are is spontaneous, beautiful, free.  And now see all of these words on the page as nothing, because they are also simply appearing in YOU....as significant as table, birdsong, thought.  Everything points back to THIS, to YOU.

YOU are always YOU, no matter what, what, what appears... Just That.


The Lover

I am infinite, unfathomable space

                                             come, fall into me..


What Is Real?

....I'm still waiting for the answer ;-) 

....what arises in response to this question is a silent buzzing-flow of nothingness...

the word "real" has no meaning here...only "This" is, and no explanation of "This" comes..

melting into This,
as This, not apart nor watching,
being no-thing shines..


Loving I AM

Every question has an answer:


Every problem has a solution:


Every fear, every confusion, every doubt:


The best way to celebrate what is?


I AM is the joy, the delight, the loving-to-be of This.  It springs forth like a heartbeat from Nothingness...like the pulse of Being.  I AM is all that is ever needed or wanted (and not even that).  I AM is more than enough, it is mind-blowing and heart opening bliss, without reason.  The I AM is the spontaneous vibration of aliveness, the birth of consciousness.  Anything added after I AM is like trying to decorate perfection.

Waiting For The Big Change

We are waiting for the big change, the "event," the big bang, the "shift."  This event will finally convince us that enlightenment has happened.  Exciting events may happen!  Are they IT?  

Well, that depends....are they happening NOW?  If so, then yes that's IT!  THIS....right here and now....is IT.  It is always IT!  Enlightenment is now.  Here, and here, and here.

The only thing that says otherwise is a little bitty thought....a few words strung together - so much power given to them!  A thought arises that says, "This is not it, there needs to be a shift, I need to feel differently afterward, the suffering must cease, there will be no more person, ever, I don't think the full liberation has happened....."  and on and on they go...

A little bitty thought is being believed, right now, that you are not the ALL....  That's all that's happening! (and not even that)  This moment, this here here here here is IT.  

What about the feeling of being separate?  What about the identification with the person?  What about this story, that story? What about this feeling, this appearance, that pain, etc.?  ALL THIS.  Made of This.  A kaleidoscope of swirling Isness.  Simple as that!  And remember, identification with a person only happens in time.  It is always a story of a past, a memory or a projection.  Right now, is there a person?  Can anyone say yes without going into a story of what it means to feel separate, have a body, etc.?  Thoughts, labels, all of it.  Now, it cannot be said that there is a person!  A separate person needs time.  Without time, what is left?

What's always holding this story together? What has to be present for anything to seemingly happen?  For anything to appear?  What is present now.....now......now?

That is what you are.  And all of This (imagine a sweeping wave of hand) is also YOU.  In that fact, there is a stopping.  Indestructible presence.

1) Whatever is happening now is IT.
2) Whatever appears to be happening is not what a thought says it is. (It's not a "tree," it's Life/God/YOU being!)
3) Enlightenment is This, now.  It's never going to happen. It has never happened. 
4) YOU are This.

See now that no argument, no story, no thought, no appearance, no denial has the slightest chance against these simple facts.



I AM indestructible peace.
I AM impersonal unconditional love,
I AM complete acceptance
and compassion,
I AM the sunset 
and the sunburn,
I AM what sees fear
and knows none,
I AM rock solid security
and rootless free-fall,
I AM utter simplicity
and unfathomable mystery,
I AM aliveness without purpose,
desire, or meaning,
I AM none of these things
and all of This,
I AM the joy of being,
that I AM.


Sometimes we don't want a beautiful dream to end....some tears might be shed, sadness.  The not wanting the dream to end is also part of the dream..

Maybe there's an unpleasant dream happening....we want it to stop!  And that wanting is again a dream, as well as the person who wants it..

It's all what is happening.  Seen this way, tears can be sweet, resistance can be okay.

There is something that holds all this dreaming, sees it, allows.  This is what we are....untouched by what appears to be, yet fully experiencing..

This is where simply being becomes a miracle, and what appears to happen is seen as just that: a wondrous mirage.

And still the dream continues....without "us"..


Terms of Endearment



All held, embraced, allowed, appreciated....as Self.  

Who knew that impersonal spacious silent freedom could feel so inexplicably tender and intimate?  

Closer than close is really infinite empty spaciousness - this paradox alone is enough to gently explode everything previously believed...


Impossible To Not Be This

It is often talked about that sometimes there seems to be an "in and out" quality to this "awakening," where there is clarity, awareness and "no one" followed by a sort of relapse into the separate person, with its tell-tale "unconsciousness" and identification.  Some call it "me-ing" and "be-ing."  In the story it seems that for a short or long while it can happen like that...
Well, we know that that story is just a string of thoughts, with no independent reality...but if it seems to be happening now, those words will not mean much.

The thing is, even if there appears to be complete identification as a separate person here and now, what has to be present for that?  I mean, even a screaming banshee can only scream because of Being.  Can anything be alive or exist (even in imagination!) without the ground of Being? Can the "you" do anything, say anything or even continue breathing without this Presence? There is this one thing (and it's not a thing) that MUST be present in order for anything to seemingly happen, even a dream, even a thought, a feeling or a color. Nothing is, without the Isness, first.  No appearance can appear without Being, because it IS Being...

That feeling of presence, of simply existing, even while "you" are completely confused, angry, aging, ill, or just bored....that is always there.  And that is what is pointed to.  That is what you are.  There is no way to get to it or leave it.  Just This, right now, that's IT!  Every second of every now-moment IT is here....and
the seconds only appear because of IT.  Even the now only exists because of YOU.

It's impossible to not be what you are, so anytime "you" think you are "me-ing," see that "me-ing" simply cannot happen without This, which is what you are, always and in all ways.... even if you feel like a screaming banshee sometimes! :-))


My Middle Name Used to be "Why?"

I dreamt the other night that the sky began to break apart into little pieces....small squares began to fall, and as I looked up I saw that behind the little pieces was what appeared to be another sky....bluer and brighter and clearer..

What might the dream represent?  Clarity?  The illusion of appearances?  A message from the unconscious?  

Well, there is no one to want to know.  There is no one to search for meaning.  That dream is as real as the life that "I" am living now.  That dream is as important as the typing on this keyboard right now, which is: no real importance at all - AND - the only thing that is possible in the moment.  

What does it all mean?  I don't care.  And that statement is bursting with a gratitude and love that I cannot describe in words.  God, Oneness, Beingness  doesn't need to know, doesn't need anything, just loves being...every appearance delighted in, for no reason. 

This is freedom.....freedom to be this wondrous nothingness.....whether we call it "aliveness" or "meaningful" or even "blue sky," these are just labels for this indescribable loving-being-experiencing joy which is cart-wheeling in ecstasy as the most ordinary, mind-blowingly simple fact: I AM.  

Who needs a reason for That?


No Doer, Nothing Done

It takes no effort to be what you are.  It is what is, right now, and always.  Being, Oneness, Isness, Awareness - call it what you will.  There is nothing but That, and it's a verb.

The person that you might feel you are is simply a story arising in Beingness.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with the appearance of a "separate person," because in reality there is no such thing, and also because if there seems to be one, then that it is what is arising.  In the next moment of no-time it might be seen that there is no person, and if that is the case, then that is simply what is. And then if a feeling of lack, of separation happens again, then that is Beingness, too.  It's all okay.  It's all One.  None of it changes what you are, for you are the Oneness seemingly being all these "things."

Notice that searching for enlightenment is a story that arises within another story of a separate person.  A feeling of lack arises.....and that is what is, until it's not.  A seeming "enlightened person" gives you some advice, points you to the "truth".....can it be anything other than a story?  If something resonates (as is the case often here), is it not simply the Beingness being/resonating?  Is there a need or desire for freedom in reality?  No.  Enlightenment and liberation are only significant for "someone."  For YOU, it's just what is, what you are.

See that you have no choice, that there is no one to choose liberation or freedom or awakening.  If there is a strong urge for such, it is simply the way this story is playing out.  It can't be any other way.  Nothing can be other than it is, so you can relax and rest in the knowing that This is YOU and the story will run its course and there is nothing that you can (choose to) do about it.  This may sound frightening or hopeless, but how scary is it to see that all is well and there is nowhere where YOU are not? If fear or desperation comes up, welcome that as your own Self, expressing.  No need to label the feelings, no need for a story to explain or understand them.  Greet them as expressions of the One and watch how they come and go in YOU.

All this sharing of non-dual expression and people "getting it" and "not getting it" is a beautiful story in Beingness....as significant as a blade of grass or a bumblebee.  The story of "not getting it" or "this is not it" is another arising in YOU...No meaning whatsoever, because you can't get away from what you are.  You were never separate, you are not separate now and can never be.  And there is no time, except in the story.  

The story of your "life" will take its course.  You have nothing to do with it.  You could say that the character is being lived out, in appearance.  If there is identification with that story line, then that is what is presently happening and it can be no other way.  If, in the story, you are drawn to Advaita and enquiry and you begin to question who you are and suddenly the "person" is seen to be non-existent, then that is what is happening and can be no other way.  

Know that nothing "you" do can touch, add to, or take away from what you are, which doesn't mean that you will sit on the couch the rest of "your story"....unless you do ;-)) which would be nothing other than Being, couching...!

It's all good.  Trust This.  There is no one to trust or not to trust, and yet I say it again: Trust YOU.   Nothing is ever asked of you, except to be, and not even that. Your next breath is even done for you....how could we have ever believed that "we" were running this show??  Doesn't it seem ridiculous now?

How effortless and even delightful it is to simply BE...



You are Everything 
and you are Nothing

Everything is 
actually Nothing

Look at the world..
Nothing is real,
Everything isn't.

That is to say
that everything you see
is only you:
No-thing (-ing!)


Practical Advaita - A Story

Last night I was out with a friend.  We had a fantastic dinner and a long, long conversation.  At one point, we were talking about a personal situation (of "mine") and she was telling me that she felt sad for me, because she felt that I needed to change this certain situation.  All I could say was that I saw no problem, even though intellectually, of course I could see her point.  In fact, just months ago, I had "felt" from time to time exactly as she did now.  

I found myself agreeing with everything she said, at the same time expressing that my experience was peace around this situation.  She didn't believe me, kept asking if I was being honest with her.  I could understand why!  :-))  But I assured her that I was.  
And the funny thing was that I wanted her to convince me of the "wrongness" of the situation, I was trying hard to find that place of judgement, fear, worry, and dissatisfaction inside.

Couldn't do it.  

The more she grilled me, asking deep, confrontational questions (I wanted her to, she was not being unkind at all), the more peace I felt.  In short, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find a problem.  I could see clearly how it appeared to others, and how it had often appeared to me!  But, no dice.  I couldn't get there - to that place of "this is not good, I need to do something."  There just wasn't any belief in the thoughts that were arising, even though they were seen clearly, understood, accepted.

After a while, my friend commented that if I was at peace with the situation, I would never get out of it.  In other words, it takes suffering to make change.  
Well, that may be true.....sometimes.....but who knows?  In that moment there was no need for anything to change, and yet, there was a complete openness to change, too.  No resistance to what was being expressed, no defending "myself." No need even for understanding. Nothing stuck, everything passed through well-being.  

Changing the situation seemed a funny proposition, because not only did I feel no need whatsoever to do so, I knew that there was no one who could.  The situation will change exactly when/if it is supposed to, without any effect whatsoever on what I am.

Of course, none of this happened to "me."  And now, it's only a story of a past....did anything really happen besides peace and well-being?  Is anything ever happening besides That?


Nothing Wrong

There is nothing wrong with the ALL, nothing wrong with This...nothing wrong with the dream.  It's all so divinely, perfectly, WHAT IS.
All that seems to happen is really just the vibrating, shining Isness appearing as a kaleidoscope of colors, forms and energetic movements...a delicious feast of self-love-ing, a delighting in what is..
The complete allowing of THIS...is what we are.
Nothing is necessary, and yet, nothing is denied....all IS and what we are is beyond any concept of need or necessity.


Let's Call It Love

There is nothing happening
Only Being,
Which is Love,

There is nothing else
Just This
Nothing appearing as
Which is only Nothing again..

No way around,
Or out..
Whatever is
What I am

And not even that,
And not even now..

Let's call it Love


No One Sees This

There are no special people who get "This," while you don't. There are no enlightened people.  No one knows any more than you do.  There is no one who embodies this Realization better than you do, or has something that you don't.

There simply is no one.  There is only This.

You are told to see this right now, but you can't!  Because the "you" who is trying to see doesn't exist.  The seeing happens, when there is no one left to look.  When is this "when?"  NOW.  There will never be another time to see.  Are "you" going to decide to see This?  Nope.  Seeing happens.  It is always happening.

What you are IS what is happening.  Now....and now.....and now.

Sometimes it's pointed out that there is an "Isness" (for want of a better word) "is-ing" which is the backround or foundation for everything which arises in It.  It's a useful pointer because what we see arising in It seems to be a lot of separate things: people, ideas, nature, thoughts, buildings, feelings, etc.  But actually these appearances are not separate from the "Is-ing" - they are It as well.  Nothing can be separate from This.  Can you be separate from what you are?

"But," one might say, "the appearances are always changing, and what I am does not."  Okay.  The appearances appear to be changing, but are they?  There is only now.  So, how can one say that something has changed without referencing a "time" in the past?  Right now, can there be any change?  There is only what is. When seen by a "someone," appearances seem real, separate, and changing.  But when seen by no one, what are they? Aren't they just This? 

Aren't they just YOU, Is-ing?  

This is It.  What YOU are.  What I am. What is.  Isn't it simple and amazing?  (not simple and amazing to "me," just simple and amazing as two "words" which are also It!  ;-)))  Nowhere to hide!




Is there anything, anything at all....right here, now....which can be pointed to with finger or imagination....that is not YOU?


The Secret

Shhhhhh.....the secret is not that we can manifest whatever we want, it's that we are everything we want...

Notice right now the completeness of This...how still, peaceful and yet vibratingly alive It is. This Beingness is the indescribable presence which hosts everything seen and unseen....welcomes all, resists nothing. What could possibly disturb? What could possibly be believed here?

Aliveness without borders, without any definition whatsoever. It cannot be known, and no one cares that it's not known. There is no fight here, even a "no!" is a resounding YES in disguise, for no reason....just This....an embrace which excludes nothing, which is not personal or special at all.

In fact....

Who would want it to be?



Grace is here, now. Grace is here for you. It IS you. Always present. No need to look for it. Everything you could possibly want is here, now.

Let it sink in.....This is It....all that you have searched for...all you've ever needed or wanted. The search is over, forever. Isn't it wonderful? Sure, problems will likely come,(who knows?) challenges, too, but YOU won't mind....Some say that God or Oneness (or whatever name you like) doesn't care, but This is not some cold indifference. God or Oneness (YOU!) just doesn't see anything wrong.

All the while "you" thought that "you" were suffering, there was only This, here. There was never anything but Grace. There never was a "you" to suffer, so what happened? Isn't it just a memory now? And what is that? Isn't that just an energetic movement in ..... YOU?

Where is the Enlightenment, the Liberation, the Shining Awareness that everyone is talking about? It's here, now. It's all YOU. So close that it's impossible to see. You can only BE it. You've always been it.

There is no separate "you" to do anything about any of this....nowhere to turn, where YOU are not...complete, peaceful joy, wanting nothing, delighting in everything....this is the Full Stop. This is Grace. Always here.