Say Yes

Say yes to this moment.....just for now, right here, whatever is happening.....say yes

see what happens

Thoughts float in....let them be....say yes, allow what is, without holding on to anything. See them as little birds, singing their songs, in the clear blue sky of you... and let them be....

Let whatever is happening right now, be. Just for this now-moment, say yes to whatever is.

Is there confusion? Pain? Sadness? Boredom? Say yes. Just for now. Just right here.

see what happens

In this moment, in this yes to what is, is entire existence. Be the space where ALL is allowed, ALL is accepted, welcomed, loved unconditionally. Be THAT. For now.

see what happens



Words, concepts, understanding, descriptions, illusions, revelations, appearances, lies, confusion, epiphanies, awakenings, mumbo-jumbo, gobbledy-gook, yada yada.....

What is IT?

There is absolutely nothing to say about THIS! Nothing can describe It. The only way to know it is to BE the totality and experience that, be that.

All the rest is giving it our best shot.

On Relationship

When we believe thoughts about "the other," we effectively destroy intimacy. How can we be "one" with someone through the screen of thoughts, which are attempting to divide, separate, and label? These thoughts, which simply arise in awareness, do not accurately describe anything! Yet, when they are believed by a "someone," a whole new world can be created, a world where "I" and "you" are separate and different. This simple dream can cause so much suffering.

Thankfully, there is no such thing as relationship. There is only one. Only you.

What I've noticed is that when past and future are seen as non-existent, as just a jumble of thoughts, memories, projections without substance.....the only thing left is presence, here-ness....and in this here-ness, it's noticed that love is.

It's not possible to love someone. One IS love. As we rest in that, true intimacy happens....and two people disappear... replaced by this all encompassing, unconditional, indescribable acceptance of what is.....

This intimacy relies on nothing and no one. It happens when you and the beloved are one. Not one with each other, not a merging, into another separate "entity." No. When you and the beloved are THE one.

No lover, no beloved. Only loving. That is intimacy.



One. One. One. One. or This. or The One. or even God. There is only One, this....oneness, if you will. And everything but everything is it. Every person, every thought, every dog, every feeling, every microbe, every blade of grass or blade of knife, is It. One. The oneness.

There is no one else but you. There is only you, one, this. Whatever is being, here, reading, perceiving, or even doubting, is ONE. The next door neighbor is One. The fence between us is One. Everything we see is It, too.

There is no way around this, no escaping the oneness. Drop every concept of "something else," because there is no such thing. There is only One.

Oneness, beingness....these labels are also It. And yet they do not accurately describe It. Ultimately, no words can.

Perhaps we can get close......and getting close is also It.

When the mind sees that wherever it goes, there is only One....it can realize that it, too, is only This. Nowhere to go! No escaping, no thinking, no dreaming, can change Truth.....all of a sudden, it gets mighty quiet in the gray matter! Where can it go?

Everywhere, anywhere, is the One, too. That leaves just this, right here. As Sailor Bob says,

"Full Stop."


Sweet, sweet life. This moment, where there is only peace, only presence.....nothing else. The past is gone, is only a memory, which is a thought, which appears and disappears, as all things in the appearance do.... The future is also a thought, images, imaginings....such beautiful things sometimes! But as unreal as a fairy tale...and that leaves this, here, now. You can't even call it now, because it becomes another now as soon as the you think the thought! So, is there one now at all? Or is it constant movement? And if so, what is moving?

Feels like a vibration of beingness!

There is no problem right here, right now. There are no words for what this is....but to me it feels like beauty, peace, joy, celebration, aliveness, delight, love. And for no reason at all. Simply.... being, can be so ecstatic!!



The past doesn't exist, literally. Where is it? Can someone show it to me? Whatever happened then, is being believed, thought about, imaged, now. It can only be now, it only ever is, now. Anything that is imagined is being imagined now. Nothing happened in the past and nothing will happen in the future. Whatever happens, it happens now. There is no other time, there can't be.

Not Knowing

Knowing nothing is true grace...as soon as "I" know something, there is limitation, contraction and the absence of truth. There is always something deeper than what I think I know....How could I possibly know anything beyond this presence, here, in this moment...which has, incidentally, already passed into the next even as it is being registered? I can't know what is about to be. The next millisecond could look like anything, literally. Why would I want to try to know it, predict it? Limit it? (as if I could!!)

Teflon Dawn

Sitting quietly, listening to music....who's sitting? Who's listening? I was trying to "catch" some thoughts and hold on, start a story while sitting here....Can't do it. Nothing sticks! A thought came in about suffering being caused by a person believing thoughts, but who is believing the thoughts? Could it be that there appears to be "believing," but by no one? Is there anyone home in here? No. It's a beautiful appearance, a grand illusion, like being the star of your own movie! Except you don't know your lines or what's going to happen next.... the words just come out of a mouth, movement happens, and no one is doing any of it.

This is so crazy! And amazing.... how can it be this way? What the bleep is going on here? Well, no answers come....nope, no answers here. All that is happening is a big smile on this face, maybe the eyes are even twinkling - who knows? Smiling, twinkling, space, space, space....nothing is happening but being, seeing, dare I say delighting?