You Can't Get Rid Of Yourself

Where you are right now is where you are meant to be. Whatever is happening is perfect, here, now. This is It.

Remember that the person cannot get rid of him/herself. There is no one to disappear into the Oneness. There is no merging, person into Being. There is only Being, only This.

It may look like you, the separate individual, are doing something, with spectacular (or not) results! The disappearance of the character, oneness, liberation. But no one did anything. How can the illusion, the dream character end itself? It has no control, no volition. It can't do anything, never could, never has. It's a wonderful dream of Isness - isn't it beautiful and incomprehensible?

If you find yourself investigating, looking, being drawn to read words and expressions on this subject....then that is what is happening. "You" have nothing to do with it. It's just what is happening. If you are not investigating, looking, being drawn to words and expressions on this subject - no problem....it's what is happening. None of it makes any difference to what you are.

The actor on the movie screen, what he/she does or doesn't do makes no difference to you the spectator, does it? You know that you will leave the theater and go home eventually. During the movie you may even get caught up in it, just a little, all the while knowing that it is make-believe, knowing that the person on the screen is not really hurt or crazy or sad or happy. There is no one there, physically on the screen, and you know that. There are just some images, seemingly moving.

The only (seeming) impediment to experiencing what you truly are is this belief in a fictional character called "you" who is searching for a different experience than This, right here. And this belief in a separate you is not controlled by "you!" "You" are not believing it, the idea of separation is simply what is happening......until it's not. And if the belief is no longer here, now, it's not "you" who got rid of it! ;-) So there is no need to struggle with the seeing of This. It always IS, here, now....no matter if "you" appear or not.

One could say that the Isness is "doing" it all, and "you" are part of the play. Whether you seem to be diligently efforting to make yourself "disappear" or "dissolve" or whether you seem to have given up all hope and are just sitting like a bump on a log, the Oneness is still ALL. And you are still always THAT.

As a person or as no one. It's all still Being.