You're Not Missing Anything

Stuck in traffic? Late for your appointment? You're not missing anything.

No dates? Sitting home alone on Saturday night? Oh well, you're not missing anything.

Made a bad decision, which caused you to lose a great opportunity? Nope, you're not missing anything!

Busy at work? Too much business and not enough play? Not missing a thing.

This is it, my friends. There is nowhere to go. You are exactly where you are, aren't you? And in my world, that means that that is exactly where you are meant to be. Why? Because it's where you are! You haven't missed a thing.

You can't miss what you already ARE. And whatever you are looking for is what you are. No doubt about it, everywhere you turn, there you are, so how could you miss something important? You think this "missed thing" is going to make a difference to what you are? Not possible. This "missed thing" is YOU!

There is nothing that you need or want that is not already what you are. Therefore, no mistakes, no missed opportunities, no "could haves or should haves" make any difference at all to what you are.

This moment is as it is, and thinking that it shouldn't be is just another vibration of the Isness....it doesn't change anything.

And you can't miss what you are. Just try!


Ron Marson said...

If I can't miss what I am, then why all my resistance to What Is? Why all my trying to become something else?

I must really enjoy making myself unhappy! How else can I stand apart?

Jim Keller said...

Ron...even your resistence is "What is". And all of your trying to become something else...is "What is" as well. What else can be said? Love, Jim.

Ron Marson said...

Just so, Jim. Not two.

My mind traps itself in logical binds like: Resist resistance! (or) Do not-doing! (or) Become into a never-arriving future! The only way out of these paradoxes is to humbly acknowledge the obvious. "I" is just another thought, taking its place among all my other thoughts, standing first in line, perhaps, but still, just another thought. Seeing this is mental "full stop" (Sailor Bob) and mental "checkmate" (Byron Katie).

I recall talking with a neighbor kid, about 12 years of age, a few years back. He was complaining that his parents never left him alone. All he wanted was to do "nothing". I inquired how he would accomplish this, and he immediately saw the paradox. Then he came up with an ingenious solution: Jump off a chair. After jumping, but before landing "I'm doing nothing," he proclaimed. What a perfectly concrete description of what Mary likes to call "free-fall."

So what happens at this mental end-of-the-line, in this free fall, where it is crystal clear that gravity (everything) happens to me / for me / without me? What happens as I see through "me" again and again and again?

Mary said...

What happens is pure juiciness!!! :-)

And nothing at all! Paradox, paradox, paradox.

You are there, Ron, you are done, cooked, IT. No doubt, no mind game, no trick, confusion or question can touch that fact.

with love,

Jim Keller said...

Ron...I can definitely relate to what you are saying...and yet...when I was reading your last post...the thought occurred to me...that all of this questioning, wondering, concluding even perplexing...is all okay...is pristinely okay...everylast shred of even what appears to be a bonefide obstacle...is superbly okay! Jim.

Ron Marson said...

This reminds me of the following quote from Ibn 'Arabi. "None other than He can see Him. None other than He can know Him. That which hides Him is His oneness. None but Himself can hide Him. The veil that hides Him is His own being." (See http://nonduality.com/ibn.htm, for a larger dose of this sublime text.)

Top three in my list of "bone-fide obstacles that are superbly okay" (Jim) or "veils of His own being" (Ibn "Arabi) might include: (1) This feeling of separate "me." (2) The U.S. invasion of Iraq. (3) Wanting others to see what I sometimes see -- that obstacles are veils of His own being.

Mary said...

What a wonderful discovery, Ron, thank you for this! I liked it so much I put it in the right column so that others can see it.


GodsdoG said...

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