Stormy Weather

I was once told by Jean-Pierre Gomez to go ahead and let it rain. I was very upset at the time about a relationship situation and felt so contracted, confused and a bit lost in all that was happening, coinciding with this seeming "realization." He basically said that emotions are energy-in-motion, and like rainstorms, they seem to temporarily block the sun, or, in other words, our true nature.

Well, it was pretty rainy here today, and I'm not talking about the local weather!

And interestingly, it seemed that a familiar "mind-energy" tried (in vain) to explain what was happening by following some old tracks of thinking.....thoughts that had long been seen as false but hey, have you noticed that sometimes they show up again?? Maybe it's sheer convenience!

And yet.....and yet.....very clearly this is just a story - here - what has just been written. What was felt here could be described as sadness, tenderness, gratitude and love all wrapped up in one. As amazing and ordinary as any other happening in the Oneness. And even what is called resistance made a brief appearance...and that is welcome, too. It's all Good, it's all God, it's all One....Being. Why attempt to fight what you ARE? Not possible.

Then a thought came up that said that "I" let it have its way with me....surrendered, let go into the feelings.... but that is just not true.

IT had its way, as IT always has, always does.....with or without thoughts that say "I'm crying and I'm not sure why," or "This must be about x, y, or z," or "I'm a person who is sad about something."

No. Those thoughts are just like the drops of water on these cheeks. They say nothing about what I am, what is happening. There simply is no need for a story at all, to be what I AM. And since the appearance is ever-changing, thoughts disappear again..... and all that is left are tears, warmth in the chest, various sensations...in short, ALIVENESS - simply That.

Crying happens like rain happens, and it is beautiful.

And wet ;-)

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