Nothing Moves

Watching things happen....seemingly with full participation, in a body, with a mind, etc.....I look at the clock and according to it, 4 hours have gone by....

...and yet, nothing has happened at all. There appears to be movement, happenings, changes.

...and yet, it's still now. One long, unbroken stream of

N~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ W

stretching out into infinity and moving nowhere. And those "events" are just witnessed, enjoyed (or not), experienced....and that's it. A whole day goes by and nothing has happened but some appearances, some vibrations of energy. Beautiful, to be sure! But changing what is, not at all. It's still now.

There is something which never moves, is always here, present, simply being, without change. Alive and awake, and also resting, at peace. Nothing and everything.

There is no way to find it. It is the way, the search, and the finding.

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Ron Marson said...

Movement sees movement and calls it real.
Movement see stillness and thinks nothing is happening.
That's what mind does. She moves and watches her own motion, afraid that she will someday stop.

Stillness sees movement and loves the dream.
Stillness sees Stillness with her whole body, not just her eyes.
She dances without moving. So how can she stop?