Give it up

You might as well just STOP now.

Give it up, there is nowhere to go. You're surrounded, with no possible escape.

Wave the white flag - you're done, you're finished, damned if you do, damned if you don't. No more seeking necessary, no more understanding, no "getting" it.

This is It. Exhale and relax.

A thought arises: You are THAT

A hunger pang: You are THAT

The phone rings: You are THAT

Stress and worry: You are THAT

The plant in the corner: You are THAT

The lady down the hall: You are THAT

You cannot get away from YOU, you cannot find YOU. YOU are the getting away and the finding. YOU are everywhere you turn. YOU are everything - seeing feeling thinking being

You can stop now. You can rest. There is nothing to do. You don't even have to "be." Even that is done for you.

I've told you to stop, but you can't. There is nothing you can do to stop or not. And yet, this is the message, here, now. Let it go. It's okay to collapse in frustration. That is also YOU!

And when it is seen that there is nowhere and nothing that is not This....

there will be no words

In the meantime (of no time): hands up! you've been caught, seen, captured by your own sweet Self. Don't fight it, "you" are no match for YOU!


Ron Marson said...

Gangaji speaks of "meeting" whatever comes up. Not fixing. Not changing. Simply meeting thoughts, feelings or sensations right now, and now and now.... This requires no effort.

How fortunate, since no entity is here that can do anything anyway.

How natural, since everything is ever flowing nonstop anyway.

How extraordinary that all movement flows out of THAT which never moves.

THAT which never move is ever "meeting" THAT which never moves! Pure Awareness meets Itself, no thing added.

Sweet dissolving.

Jim Keller said...

Yes...any and all things that arise...this standing invitation to meet all of it...as it is...even the minds commentary that x, y or z is not as it should be...meeting even these objections to what is...meeting....greeting all of it...as all of it appears...why not? Jim.

Mary said...

Thank you both, so beautifully said. I love the idea of meeting everything with open-hearted acceptance..(if that is what happens! ;-)) Love when that happens....


Ron Marson said...

"Why-not?" meets "Why?", checking mental motion. Checkmate reveals Stillness, Source of all movement. Stillness regards Stillness and knows Itself as Kindness, Love, Generosity -- even as the mind keeps on chattering away. Who can possibly believe restless mind (coming down, sooner or later, on every side of every issue), from this perspective of Stillness?

Stillness sees clearly what mind-in-motion will never understand: Evolving creation, things that looks apparently so, are eternally supported, suspended, bound by THAT which never moves. Love dances eternally without moving. We are that dance, the Reality that doesn't move and the motion that does.