autumn leaf falling,
tender veins whispering this
"I am! I am!"


Peter said...

winter tree, standing
in stillness
being the blessing received
from summer leaves

These words of grace
enter this heart as light into leaves
and we grow together in this garden of wonder

One in love and friendship, Mary
Blessings on your path

Mary said...

Dear Peter,
What a way to start my day, reading your message! I am speechless...thank you for the beauty, for the love.

with love,

Peter said...

"I've heard it said there's a window
that opens from one mind to
another, but if there's no wall,
there's no need for fitting the
window, or the latch"


you are eloquent in your speechlessness...
finding your web site is like wandering into a
fragrant garden, a respite form the world,
good to be here visiting with you,

In Joy,

Mary said...

Gratitude..my favorite feeling! ;-) Thank you for visiting,Peter, I'm so glad that you are enjoying the message.


Jim Keller said...

The wonder of this moment...That is more than enough! Jim.