Are You Enlightened?

The answer is yes.

Well, it would be closer to say that you are enlightenment itself. There is only Enlightenment, and you are THAT.

Too bad that the word enlightenment is so loaded. Yes, it's just a concept....we know that words do not correctly describe This. But that word could just as well be used to point to the truth, if it weren't for the negative (or too positive??) connotations that have been added to the concept.

The point is that enlightenment is This, here. It's your runny nose, the tick of the clock, the amazing orgasm and the standing in line, tired and hungry. There is only This....and it's nothing special at all. YOU are nothing special at all, because there is only YOU and nothing to compare YOU with!

That's why liberation, enlightenment, awakening, etc. are so ordinary - it's all just little 'ole YOU, being what you are. Never mind that it's also been described as peace, love, unconditional acceptance....hey, stuff happens!

The thing is, you're everything. Even concepts and labels are what YOU are....and that can include "enlightenment," why not?
The reason we get so bent out of shape about this word is because we think it means something. It doesn't.

There is no separate person to put any meaning whatsoever to these words. And yet, meanings, beliefs, etc., seem to appear - that's YOU, too!

If the idea of a separate person is YOU....and the idea of a separate man/woman person is YOU....and the idea of a separate man/woman searching person is YOU....then even the idea of a separate man/woman enlightened/unenlightened person is YOU.

They are all appearances.... concepts, ideas.....vibrations of Beingness.

No big deal, right?


John Astin said...

Mary - how beautifully put - yes, the miracle of just This, this everything that is everything including the dream that something could ever stand apart from It, the dream that is suffering...

No words can describe it and yet every word ushers forth from it - the seeing of this is such love and yet so ordinary, so simple, no big deal...and yet the biggest deal, for it is the only deal, this Heart that is all hearts, this Life that is all life...

in gratitude,
john astin

Mary said...

What you write here is so beautiful, thank you. It IS a huge deal, THE deal...and nothing at all, because we already and always ARE the deal. This is the beauty and wonder of It, which you so clearly point out....

with love,

Ron Marson said...

OK. So everyone is enlightened. You're enlightened. I'm enlightened. Sometimes we feel this, and sometimes we don't. Either way Perfection still sustains us. The essential difference between a Buddha and an ordinary person is no difference! The Buddha simply sees through her thinking mind, while the ordinary person gets stuck (in time) believing what she thinks.

I'd like to share two signpost / mental objects / thoughts that reduce suffering and stress that arises when I believe what I think:

(1) If I think you're wrong, I'm wrong. (Byron Katie.)

(2) Thanks for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever. (Sono, a Zen holy woman.)

These thoughts balance opposite thoughts, all bubbling out of the same Perfect Awareness:

(1) If I think you're wrong, I'm right. (Ron Marson)

(2) Thanks for somethings. I reserve the right to still complain about what I don't like. (Ron Marson)

Mary said...

Hi Ron, you made me laugh! I like those thoughts you cited, esp. the ones at the end!

Hey, being right happens, complaining happens, seeing through the illusion happens, believing thoughts happens....it's just not Ron, or Mary, or anyone else doing it. There is no one to believe, see, be right, or complain.

with love,

Ron Marson said...

Buddha is reported to have said #2. I like to imagine he had all of these thoughts and neither believed nor disbelieved any of them. That's why he smiles so serenely:

1. Things happen, deeds are done, and there is an individual doer thereof.

2. Things happen, deeds are done, but there is no individual doer thereof.

3. Things don't happen, deeds are not done, but there is a Doer thereof.

4. Individuals happen, deeds are doing, and there is No-Thing not-doing Everything.

5. Do be, do be, do...