autumn leaf falling,
tender veins whispering this
"I am! I am!"

It's Not Possible To Want Something Else

In this here-now....there is completeness, wholeness, a vibrating delight. THIS wants nothing. THIS cannot want. THIS is all there is and is complete satisfaction.

There is no possibility of wanting something to be other than what is. See that this is true. The sense of dissatisfaction is an illusion, a dream, ghost-like and fragile. Do you see that there is no way that THIS (YOU, God, The Oneness, Beingness) can be other than the way it is, here and now?

Look deeply. If there is any sense that what is happening needs to be different, where is that coming from? Could it be a vibration of beingness, like a thought, for example? A simple appearance in the wholeness, like a blade of grass or a leaf on a tree? Can you see that there is no possibility of something other than THIS? No possibility of something better?
We don't want anything....it's not possible. There is only THIS and it is of a beauty and perfection beyond description. Wholeness is, and you are That.

Go beyond these words, into them, through them, what is here, always? There will be no answer to that question. At the most, an "I don't know." And That, is It. That is exactly what "we" thought we were looking for, what the "mind" cannot grasp.

There never was a search, there never was a reason to. Some appearances happened that looked like it, that's all. Nothing serious, nothing that could affect the Reality. It was all a simple misunderstanding.

And even the misunderstanding is pure Love.


Give it up

You might as well just STOP now.

Give it up, there is nowhere to go. You're surrounded, with no possible escape.

Wave the white flag - you're done, you're finished, damned if you do, damned if you don't. No more seeking necessary, no more understanding, no "getting" it.

This is It. Exhale and relax.

A thought arises: You are THAT

A hunger pang: You are THAT

The phone rings: You are THAT

Stress and worry: You are THAT

The plant in the corner: You are THAT

The lady down the hall: You are THAT

You cannot get away from YOU, you cannot find YOU. YOU are the getting away and the finding. YOU are everywhere you turn. YOU are everything - seeing feeling thinking being

You can stop now. You can rest. There is nothing to do. You don't even have to "be." Even that is done for you.

I've told you to stop, but you can't. There is nothing you can do to stop or not. And yet, this is the message, here, now. Let it go. It's okay to collapse in frustration. That is also YOU!

And when it is seen that there is nowhere and nothing that is not This....

there will be no words

In the meantime (of no time): hands up! you've been caught, seen, captured by your own sweet Self. Don't fight it, "you" are no match for YOU!

Stormy Weather

I was once told by Jean-Pierre Gomez to go ahead and let it rain. I was very upset at the time about a relationship situation and felt so contracted, confused and a bit lost in all that was happening, coinciding with this seeming "realization." He basically said that emotions are energy-in-motion, and like rainstorms, they seem to temporarily block the sun, or, in other words, our true nature.

Well, it was pretty rainy here today, and I'm not talking about the local weather!

And interestingly, it seemed that a familiar "mind-energy" tried (in vain) to explain what was happening by following some old tracks of thinking.....thoughts that had long been seen as false but hey, have you noticed that sometimes they show up again?? Maybe it's sheer convenience!

And yet.....and yet.....very clearly this is just a story - here - what has just been written. What was felt here could be described as sadness, tenderness, gratitude and love all wrapped up in one. As amazing and ordinary as any other happening in the Oneness. And even what is called resistance made a brief appearance...and that is welcome, too. It's all Good, it's all God, it's all One....Being. Why attempt to fight what you ARE? Not possible.

Then a thought came up that said that "I" let it have its way with me....surrendered, let go into the feelings.... but that is just not true.

IT had its way, as IT always has, always does.....with or without thoughts that say "I'm crying and I'm not sure why," or "This must be about x, y, or z," or "I'm a person who is sad about something."

No. Those thoughts are just like the drops of water on these cheeks. They say nothing about what I am, what is happening. There simply is no need for a story at all, to be what I AM. And since the appearance is ever-changing, thoughts disappear again..... and all that is left are tears, warmth in the chest, various sensations...in short, ALIVENESS - simply That.

Crying happens like rain happens, and it is beautiful.

And wet ;-)


Are You Enlightened?

The answer is yes.

Well, it would be closer to say that you are enlightenment itself. There is only Enlightenment, and you are THAT.

Too bad that the word enlightenment is so loaded. Yes, it's just a concept....we know that words do not correctly describe This. But that word could just as well be used to point to the truth, if it weren't for the negative (or too positive??) connotations that have been added to the concept.

The point is that enlightenment is This, here. It's your runny nose, the tick of the clock, the amazing orgasm and the standing in line, tired and hungry. There is only This....and it's nothing special at all. YOU are nothing special at all, because there is only YOU and nothing to compare YOU with!

That's why liberation, enlightenment, awakening, etc. are so ordinary - it's all just little 'ole YOU, being what you are. Never mind that it's also been described as peace, love, unconditional acceptance....hey, stuff happens!

The thing is, you're everything. Even concepts and labels are what YOU are....and that can include "enlightenment," why not?
The reason we get so bent out of shape about this word is because we think it means something. It doesn't.

There is no separate person to put any meaning whatsoever to these words. And yet, meanings, beliefs, etc., seem to appear - that's YOU, too!

If the idea of a separate person is YOU....and the idea of a separate man/woman person is YOU....and the idea of a separate man/woman searching person is YOU....then even the idea of a separate man/woman enlightened/unenlightened person is YOU.

They are all appearances.... concepts, ideas.....vibrations of Beingness.

No big deal, right?


You're Not Missing Anything

Stuck in traffic? Late for your appointment? You're not missing anything.

No dates? Sitting home alone on Saturday night? Oh well, you're not missing anything.

Made a bad decision, which caused you to lose a great opportunity? Nope, you're not missing anything!

Busy at work? Too much business and not enough play? Not missing a thing.

This is it, my friends. There is nowhere to go. You are exactly where you are, aren't you? And in my world, that means that that is exactly where you are meant to be. Why? Because it's where you are! You haven't missed a thing.

You can't miss what you already ARE. And whatever you are looking for is what you are. No doubt about it, everywhere you turn, there you are, so how could you miss something important? You think this "missed thing" is going to make a difference to what you are? Not possible. This "missed thing" is YOU!

There is nothing that you need or want that is not already what you are. Therefore, no mistakes, no missed opportunities, no "could haves or should haves" make any difference at all to what you are.

This moment is as it is, and thinking that it shouldn't be is just another vibration of the Isness....it doesn't change anything.

And you can't miss what you are. Just try!

Nothing Moves

Watching things happen....seemingly with full participation, in a body, with a mind, etc.....I look at the clock and according to it, 4 hours have gone by....

...and yet, nothing has happened at all. There appears to be movement, happenings, changes.

...and yet, it's still now. One long, unbroken stream of

N~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ W

stretching out into infinity and moving nowhere. And those "events" are just witnessed, enjoyed (or not), experienced....and that's it. A whole day goes by and nothing has happened but some appearances, some vibrations of energy. Beautiful, to be sure! But changing what is, not at all. It's still now.

There is something which never moves, is always here, present, simply being, without change. Alive and awake, and also resting, at peace. Nothing and everything.

There is no way to find it. It is the way, the search, and the finding.



breathe in breathe out

"I don't know what to do."

breathe in breathe out

"I have to make a decision."

breathe in breathe out

"Things are okay now, but I will need to do/be/know something else in the future."

breathe in breathe out

"I have to figure this out, but I don't know how."

breathe in breathe out

"What am I going to do!!??!!"

breathe in
breathe out

What just happened?

Love did.