Not Quite It

Often, after writing about non-duality, there arises a thought, "fraud!" (thank you, mind) because the words seem to contradict what is wanting to be expressed. They seem to fly in the face of truth! It's an issue that won't go away, I'm afraid, because words themselves are dualistic. The best we can do is use them in various ways - string them together to create an atmosphere, an ambience, a pointing toward.....the oneness.

What an interesting conundrum! And I so enjoy how others have strung together the words so that they beautifully illustrate something so elusive to the mind (or how about impossible?) and yet so undeniably present.

So, I could go through just these three paragraphs and point out where what is written is a contradiction, a paradox, or just plain wrong about this message of oneness, but there is no need. The words are just signposts...unique appearances in the beingness, dancing on the page, inviting us to come closer....(come play!!)

and closer still.....

and closer still....

until they dissolve into this presence, this love, this One. In that now-moment, they will have well served their purpose.

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