I'd tell you to jump if I could - but you are already the jumping !!

We look, we inquire, we see.....but there is only looking, inquiring and seeing. By no one. It's believed that looking for the "person" (and not finding it) will help it go away, and it may happen like that, but there is no one to choose to look.

Looking for the seeming person (who am I?) happens, and then sometimes thought comes in and labels that happening as something "I" did, which then leads to something like "liberation." When, in fact, nothing leads to liberation or awakening, it simply happens. It simply IS.

That is why the "person" cannot choose to look deeply into the fallacy of the separate entity - either they will or they won't. And it's noticed that many do seem to! But it's not the person doing it. It's not the person who sees that there is no one....It's Oneness.....seeing. The separate person is not there. Thoughts may weave into an interesting story about how when the "person" looked, afterward "X" happened; therefore "X" was caused by looking.

But no person looked. "X" simply happened. Looking simply happened. And thoughts stringing the two together simply happened.

There is nothing wrong with this......in fact, it's divine!

Nothing to do, nowhere to go. And these words here - simply happening...and maybe reading simply happening, too. All leading now-here....

This is total frustration and desperation for the mind, for the seeming separate doer! This is the total collapse of the "self" we've always believed ourselves to be. This is free-fall into......what? No guarantees of anything....oh my....this is complete


.......aliveness without a net!

inspired by Tony Parsons ;-)


Ron Marson said...

I believe more in "Big Foot" than I believe in a separate, independent, substantial "I!" Who just said that? Don't know. Anti-I assertions boil out of this mind all the time. Here are three more -- darn good ones:

1. "I" totally vanishes during deep dreamless sleep without harmful consequences. The body awakens refreshed and rested in "I's" absence.

2. When this body trips and falls, the brain and nervous system coordinate to throw hands in front of the face to absorb the fall. No "I" is found to make this "wise decision."

3. When a scientist wires a volunteer to a brain monitor and asks her to wiggle her finger anytime she "decides," brain spikes associated with initiating finger movement are observed more than a second BEFORE the volunteer "decides" to act. "I" is seen to be a non-essential afterthought in this reproducible experiment. (http://www.wnyc.org/shows/radiolab/season1_2005.html. Listen to "Beyond Time," about 38 minutes into the webcast.)

Mary said...

You must have been reading my mind - I was just looking for this same study! Thank you! I love the way science shows us the truth, too ;-)