Everywhere is Home

YOU are the Oneness. YOU are pure Being.

The person that you think you are is just what YOU look like. Without YOU, that seeming character could not even appear.

Every "other" person you see is also YOU.

Everywhere you turn, there YOU are.

Such sweetness...

Everywhere is Home.

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Ron Marson said...

Who is it that...
Likes and dislikes?
Agrees and disagrees?
Approves and disapproves?
Goes to sleep in "becoming" and wakes back up in being?
Desires and seeks and strives?
Wants desperately to understand and explain things to others?
Knows it doesn't know, and so claims to know?
Wants to let go?
Can't let go?

Is this all the dream of me forgetting I'm YOU, lost in a journey that never leaves home?