I'd tell you to jump if I could - but you are already the jumping !!

We look, we inquire, we see.....but there is only looking, inquiring and seeing. By no one. It's believed that looking for the "person" (and not finding it) will help it go away, and it may happen like that, but there is no one to choose to look.

Looking for the seeming person (who am I?) happens, and then sometimes thought comes in and labels that happening as something "I" did, which then leads to something like "liberation." When, in fact, nothing leads to liberation or awakening, it simply happens. It simply IS.

That is why the "person" cannot choose to look deeply into the fallacy of the separate entity - either they will or they won't. And it's noticed that many do seem to! But it's not the person doing it. It's not the person who sees that there is no one....It's Oneness.....seeing. The separate person is not there. Thoughts may weave into an interesting story about how when the "person" looked, afterward "X" happened; therefore "X" was caused by looking.

But no person looked. "X" simply happened. Looking simply happened. And thoughts stringing the two together simply happened.

There is nothing wrong with this......in fact, it's divine!

Nothing to do, nowhere to go. And these words here - simply happening...and maybe reading simply happening, too. All leading now-here....

This is total frustration and desperation for the mind, for the seeming separate doer! This is the total collapse of the "self" we've always believed ourselves to be. This is free-fall into......what? No guarantees of anything....oh my....this is complete


.......aliveness without a net!

inspired by Tony Parsons ;-)


What Would It Be Like?

What would life be like if we knew that no thought was true?

No matter what thought appears, it does not accurately describe you or anything else. Thoughts like tree, sky, other, cookie, nation, war, wombat, fire....."he doesn't love me," "they are bad," "she is special," "we need to do x, y, and z to become enlightened,".....the list goes on and on and on and on....and it all means nada. Simple labels. No real meaning at all.

"Sure," you might say, "but the cookie tastes delicious"....and I'd say, "finger-lickin'!!" And it's just the Oneness experiencing the Oneness...yummy chocolate chippy Isness!!! Which seems far more real than the concept "cookie."

What if thoughts that floated in were simply not believed? Just seen, noticed? What if whatever was happening, there was just a registering, an experiencing of what is, without any belief that "we" knew the reason, the meaning behind what happens?

Who knows? We might notice a vibration of Oneness.....maybe a spilling forth of Isness....if we didn't believe anything, there might just be a


churning, bursting, outpouring of Self.....flowering into a kaleidescope of forms!

Life might seem to be lived here, now, spontaneously....without any need for an explanation.


Not Quite It

Often, after writing about non-duality, there arises a thought, "fraud!" (thank you, mind) because the words seem to contradict what is wanting to be expressed. They seem to fly in the face of truth! It's an issue that won't go away, I'm afraid, because words themselves are dualistic. The best we can do is use them in various ways - string them together to create an atmosphere, an ambience, a pointing toward.....the oneness.

What an interesting conundrum! And I so enjoy how others have strung together the words so that they beautifully illustrate something so elusive to the mind (or how about impossible?) and yet so undeniably present.

So, I could go through just these three paragraphs and point out where what is written is a contradiction, a paradox, or just plain wrong about this message of oneness, but there is no need. The words are just signposts...unique appearances in the beingness, dancing on the page, inviting us to come closer....(come play!!)

and closer still.....

and closer still....

until they dissolve into this presence, this love, this One. In that now-moment, they will have well served their purpose.


I Am Not An Idea

I am not an idea....I am the All....I am everything and I am nothing....

and I am not these words, either. I am the unknowable, the mystery, the oneness which cannot be known by a "someone."

This separate person is an idea.....an imaginary form made out of Isness..

so beautiful

so perfect

And what is meant by perfect is not good, bad, better or worse - what is meant by perfect is WHAT IS. What is, is perfect.....because it IS. Reality is perfection. It is what it is and it can't be any other way. Who would want it to be different?

This is It. Vibrating beingness. Nothing else.

The world of appearance could just as well be called an explosion of love.....we can call it anything, IT doesn't mind! IT is unconditional love and SEES the dream, the labeling, the thoughts spinning....and LOVES it all.

because It is Love.....not loving Itself, as that makes It into an "object" to be loved....just Love....just Love-ing....just THIS.....just.....

( silence )

That is the I AM.


Everywhere is Home

YOU are the Oneness. YOU are pure Being.

The person that you think you are is just what YOU look like. Without YOU, that seeming character could not even appear.

Every "other" person you see is also YOU.

Everywhere you turn, there YOU are.

Such sweetness...

Everywhere is Home.

That was then....

I get a kick out of those times when I seem to be "out of presence." A ridiculous notion, to be sure, but the mind does seem to get itself in a twist about it, doesn't it? Very recently, in the story I was worrying about life stuff, and it didn't feel good at all. Anxiety about decisions that will have to be made....decisions that "I" feel ill equipped to make, which makes the stress worse, etc. and on the story goes.....

This is what happens. The thing is...... now..... where is all that anxiety? Where's the stress, the decisions that have to be made, the tension, the worry the constricted feeling in the pit of my stomach? Where is all that? (was there really a constriction in the pit of my stomach, or just a general malaise? who can say? how can I know without building another story about "then?")

Seeing is now, and only now. What I've written above are words, thoughts, memories. How could I possibly say that I was "out of presence," taken for a ride in thought, imagination? I can't say it because NOW I am.....here. And all that never happened. Faint memories. No substance, no reality. One might say, some movements of energy, without meaning, just isness.

What is real, is THIS, right here, right now. The rest is a dream. Seems like it happened, but how can I know? Nothing is real except what is here, now. And what is here, now, is this seeing, being, knowing, peace. Where's the anxiety? I can't find it.

There is no anxiety about the future now, because the future does not exist. How can it? It is only ever, forever, now. What a relief! All these "times" when we swear that we were "elsewhere," we "lost it," we "wandered out of presence".....how can it be? What's happening NOW? Are we here?

What was, "then," is a dream...it has no reality. How liberating! It means that THIS can never be other than what is, always.....no matter what stories and dreams are created and seemingly believed. This just makes me smile - there simply is no way that I can verify that "I" was ever "out" of presence-awareness and "into" a story! Because in the now-ness where it is seen, there is no such thing, there is only a memory of a "time" when there were feelings and thoughts present....all gone in the light of what is, a puff of smoke, if you will...... Returning (from where? and who/what returns?) to this moment, this here, this now - what can possibly be said about "then" that has any validity at all?

Welcome to the rock-solid security and the unpredictable free-fall of YOU. ;-))