Words, concepts, understanding, descriptions, illusions, revelations, appearances, lies, confusion, epiphanies, awakenings, mumbo-jumbo, gobbledy-gook, yada yada.....

What is IT?

There is absolutely nothing to say about THIS! Nothing can describe It. The only way to know it is to BE the totality and experience that, be that.

All the rest is giving it our best shot.


Ron Marson said...

From the viewpoint of dream, words (thoughts) are important. They create the dream I live in, my own private Idaho.

When I believe my dream is true, then I get lost in the paradise of my own creation, and it eventually turns to hell. Suffering let's me know this happened, and calls me back out of belief to the sanity of IT, to the pure simplicity of being WHAT I'm looking for.

Mary said...

Beautifully put, Ron!!

Jim Keller said...

Thank you Ron and Mary. I understand what both of you are saying...but from my perspective, it feels like this i of mine is still lost in thought much of the tme. When my mind jiggles a little, noticing comes back, I reflect on where i have been and notice, e.g., that one of my shoes is untied...and then when I just continue to notice whatever...it feels like a peace settles in for a while...until i am lost in thought again. This scenario repeats itself again and again. im not complaining, just noticing all of this. jim from Sedona, Az, us. jimkeller7@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

"There is absolutely nothing to say about THIS! Nothing can describe It."
Fast forward to 02/05/11 and "x" number of posts later and voila,nothing has changed to contradict the above quote.This is fun...even though we know we can't say what THIS is...but some have a way of not saying anything in more profound ways...like you. :)

Peace and Love to you - Suki

Mary said...

What a lovely comment, Suki, thank you! Glad you visited :-)