Sweet, sweet life. This moment, where there is only peace, only presence.....nothing else. The past is gone, is only a memory, which is a thought, which appears and disappears, as all things in the appearance do.... The future is also a thought, images, imaginings....such beautiful things sometimes! But as unreal as a fairy tale...and that leaves this, here, now. You can't even call it now, because it becomes another now as soon as the you think the thought! So, is there one now at all? Or is it constant movement? And if so, what is moving?

Feels like a vibration of beingness!

There is no problem right here, right now. There are no words for what this is....but to me it feels like beauty, peace, joy, celebration, aliveness, delight, love. And for no reason at all. Simply.... being, can be so ecstatic!!

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Peter said...

Yes! How funny! Jumping "back" from reading the Dec 21 post, noticing the love permeating these words is timeless, an embodiment of presence, always fresh, 'newly now' mmmmmmmmHappy Solstice!

weaving the thread
spinning the yarn
"thanks"! I'll put this lovely
cap upon m' head
feeling light-
returning home...