Teflon Dawn

Sitting quietly, listening to music....who's sitting? Who's listening? I was trying to "catch" some thoughts and hold on, start a story while sitting here....Can't do it. Nothing sticks! A thought came in about suffering being caused by a person believing thoughts, but who is believing the thoughts? Could it be that there appears to be "believing," but by no one? Is there anyone home in here? No. It's a beautiful appearance, a grand illusion, like being the star of your own movie! Except you don't know your lines or what's going to happen next.... the words just come out of a mouth, movement happens, and no one is doing any of it.

This is so crazy! And amazing.... how can it be this way? What the bleep is going on here? Well, no answers come....nope, no answers here. All that is happening is a big smile on this face, maybe the eyes are even twinkling - who knows? Smiling, twinkling, space, space, space....nothing is happening but being, seeing, dare I say delighting?


Jim Keller said...

Thank you so much for this Mary...yes...just to delight in what appears...moment by next moment. blessings...Jim.

Mary said...

Jim, thank you for your comment....and for the beautiful writings on your site(s)! love, Mary