Say Yes

Say yes to this moment.....just for now, right here, whatever is happening.....say yes

see what happens

Thoughts float in....let them be....say yes, allow what is, without holding on to anything. See them as little birds, singing their songs, in the clear blue sky of you... and let them be....

Let whatever is happening right now, be. Just for this now-moment, say yes to whatever is.

Is there confusion? Pain? Sadness? Boredom? Say yes. Just for now. Just right here.

see what happens

In this moment, in this yes to what is, is entire existence. Be the space where ALL is allowed, ALL is accepted, welcomed, loved unconditionally. Be THAT. For now.

see what happens


Ron Marson said...

Source says "BE," and creation echos back "YES." How could we created beings -- individuated into our apparently "separate-I's" -- possibly refuse? Each separate-I keeps on saying "yes" to what it experiences as "good," and "no" to what it experiences as "bad." This is called integrity, part of the universal mandate "BE".

What happens when separate-I awakens to its completeness as connected-I, and says YES to its very own natural, ordinary, inescapable preexisting oneness? I discovers that it already is the YES it has been waiting for. What more could I possibly want, than to be the fearless freedom and unassailable security of YES?

Jim Keller said...