One. One. One. One. or This. or The One. or even God. There is only One, this....oneness, if you will. And everything but everything is it. Every person, every thought, every dog, every feeling, every microbe, every blade of grass or blade of knife, is It. One. The oneness.

There is no one else but you. There is only you, one, this. Whatever is being, here, reading, perceiving, or even doubting, is ONE. The next door neighbor is One. The fence between us is One. Everything we see is It, too.

There is no way around this, no escaping the oneness. Drop every concept of "something else," because there is no such thing. There is only One.

Oneness, beingness....these labels are also It. And yet they do not accurately describe It. Ultimately, no words can.

Perhaps we can get close......and getting close is also It.

When the mind sees that wherever it goes, there is only One....it can realize that it, too, is only This. Nowhere to go! No escaping, no thinking, no dreaming, can change Truth.....all of a sudden, it gets mighty quiet in the gray matter! Where can it go?

Everywhere, anywhere, is the One, too. That leaves just this, right here. As Sailor Bob says,

"Full Stop."

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