On Relationship

When we believe thoughts about "the other," we effectively destroy intimacy. How can we be "one" with someone through the screen of thoughts, which are attempting to divide, separate, and label? These thoughts, which simply arise in awareness, do not accurately describe anything! Yet, when they are believed by a "someone," a whole new world can be created, a world where "I" and "you" are separate and different. This simple dream can cause so much suffering.

Thankfully, there is no such thing as relationship. There is only one. Only you.

What I've noticed is that when past and future are seen as non-existent, as just a jumble of thoughts, memories, projections without substance.....the only thing left is presence, here-ness....and in this here-ness, it's noticed that love is.

It's not possible to love someone. One IS love. As we rest in that, true intimacy happens....and two people disappear... replaced by this all encompassing, unconditional, indescribable acceptance of what is.....

This intimacy relies on nothing and no one. It happens when you and the beloved are one. Not one with each other, not a merging, into another separate "entity." No. When you and the beloved are THE one.

No lover, no beloved. Only loving. That is intimacy.


Ron Marson said...

How astonishing, to realize that I don't have to work TOWARD being patient or clear or accepting about any relationship, because I already AM patience, clarity and acceptance, the positive qualities I thought I lacked and needed to become at some future never-arriving time. Nor do I have to struggle AGAINST being impatient, confused or repelled by relationships either, because I already AM all these negative qualities I've been running from and blaming others for.

Being THE one, as you say, I encompass ALL apparent relationships, and know them as empty, temporary, surface turbulence within deep oceanic awareness. In thought I am surface waves, inventing relationships, plus the space and time to accommodate relational changes. In deep here-ness I notice all this apparent movement is ever supported by THAT which never changes. THAT supports this changing person called Ron from birth to death. Clearly, I am THAT, not this.

Mary said...

Yes, clearly, you are THAT, and clearly expressed as well! ;-)