What's Happened Since....

Well, in reality, nothing, because there is no time. But there seems to be an evolution, in the story, doesn't there? Here, there is a feeling of relief. The relief of not having to be someone, to be special...I can relax now. No more striving to be better, more. It doesn't mean this seeming person "Mary" won't change, evolve, do all kinds of things. Life continues to appear, nothing changes there. The only difference is that it is known that the character is not doing anything. No credit, no blame. You could say that the character is being "done." Moved, used in service to the One...to Life. With this comes a relaxation, life seems to flow effortlessly....and problems and pain and love and miracles still happen...and life is. It's really as simple as that. This not-knowing is so beautiful, strange and exciting.

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